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Verschiedene Aktivitäten am Tage

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Take me on a trip round your city, let's see some places you think are cool, the...
Coffee somewhere cosy where we could talk
--von Queenie052 (62F/Altrincham, England - Greater Manchester) Senden Sie eine Nachricht Der Vorschlag gefällt mir
How about an indoor picinic. We could meet up at a public place, maybe a mall d...
Disneyland!!.. Churros!!.. And Hmm.. Or six flags.. mmm. Funnel cake! :3 lol.. r...
going to get ice cream noyhing to fancy
meet at a bookstore, have a soft drink, talk and set a second date, maybe ven fo...
A casual meal somewhere that we could talk & get to know one another better foll...
Drinks at a quieter restaurant, dinner, doing something that enables us to talk ...
Something safe and initiallly short in case we don't mesh. Can always do someth...
I enjoy going out for a nice picnic, provided there is a nice day for it. This i...
Something creative would be nice! How about simply going for a walk in the Japa...
coffee is always good, mini golf, malls, i'd rather pass on a movie...can't get ...
Something fun that allows us to be outselves and get to know one another. The St...
Check out an event going on; like an outdoor festival, art exhibit etc. Or somet...
my first date idea is anything random. it doesn't really matter just anything ou...