Kulinarisches Abendteuer

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  • ramartin12489 (24M/Houston, TX)


    Something fun but private so we can talk

  • Animespoof (21F/Cleveland, TX)


    Somewhere new for the both of us, somewhere that sets us on even footing and lets us have fun.

  • Deewhy (38M/Emeryville, CA)


    I think you have some of the best conversations over food, or coffee and drinks. I also think that something fun like bowling, pool, or even the batting cages will help with having a good time, because in the end, that's  Weiter>>

  • pampa5 (46M/Stockbridge, GA)


    dinner and movie sounds good , coffee shop is good too any where we can talk .Im happy doing just about any thing if the company is good . Im open minded ,Im the type to just go and have fun ,life is to short not to try  Weiter>>

  • TeslaCoil (29F/Lynnwood, WA)


    I am a foodie, I love living in Seattle for just that purpose. Ice cream, baked goods, multi-cultural food...

  • Gordo_Luvr323 (28M/Los Angeles, CA)


    A Chill Ass Enviroment..... Whatever The Day Brings Us.

  • Steponit (29F/Montgomery, AL)


    I love eating a big, juicy piece of red meat and then getting it on. The red meat acts as an aphrodisiac and gets me in THE MOOD.

  • ShowMeTheStars (25F/Port Huron, MI)


    How does a night of amazing coffee and tea whilst debating the vices and virtues of each of the Doctors or discussing amazing science fiction and fantasy novels sound?

  • johnnydquest (34M/Langhorne, PA)


    How about we get a little adventurous and try some foreign cusine that neither of us has tried before. Or maybe just keep it simple and go to a cafe for coffee.

  • greendragon (47M/Irving, TX)


    Margaritas, appetizers, great conversation. Then it's onto the main course! Save room for dessert. :)

  • everlasting41 (42M/Watonga, OK)


    a great 1st date will start off with a killer live band and good food and we will go for there

  • BLACKSMOKE20 (42M/Cleveland, OH)


    To just go with the flow.One never know what lies ahead.

  • wellsca1986 (27F/Spring Valley, CA)


    You sign us up to take a cooking class together where we cook together, talk, see if we are compatible together and eat all at the same time. Then after if we both had a good time we would go for a walk or grab drinks as  Weiter>>

  • Bignick_55 (36M/Aberdeen, MD)


    A Big dinner on a beach that i cook all myself

  • Adrean_m (30F/Phoenix, AZ)


    Anything im open..to ideas