First Date Ideas

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  • myblueeyes1960 ( 56 / W / South Rockwood, MI )

    A nice dinner and mybe a movie and back to his house to talk and get to know each other would be nice

  • kimbers02184 ( 43 / W / Braintree, MA )

    We takemy wonderful dog to the park or to the harbor for a nice, long walk where we can talk and people watch

  • katwoman2000 ( 63 / W / Winnipeg, MB )

    first date would be nice for a walk in a park just to get to know each other....

  • crarya ( 31 / M / Falkirk, Scotland - Stirlingshire )

    How about a day at the zoo or safari park, never done that for a date before.

  • Deliriums ( 28 / W / Niagara Falls, ON )

    Lets see where it goes when the time comes. If you have a dog, lets walk our dogs through the park? lol I dunno.

  • sneeezywantsluv ( 37 / W / Calgary, AB )

    I think a good first date would be to take dogs for a walk in an off leash park. It is a public place and therefore easier to see if there is any chemistry. if there is then make plans for a second date. If not ,at least...  read more>>

  • sonnyone ( 51 / W / Montezuma, IN )

    Some place neutral never now who anyone is until you get to meet them an be around them for a while, but uhm ha ha! After that someplace quite, park,lake ect simple things! I don't like Rose or flowers ! Life is about th...  read more>>

  • Leomblack23 ( 26 / M / Memphis, TN )

    if i find women date pls keep control txt me ,,if find women pls be grown fashion ,And i need 50% both

  • MissErin2000 ( 42 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    I would say a good first date would be at the dog park. A man who loves dogs is a man I would want to get to know better.

  • kerbear1977 ( 40 / W / Gilbert, AZ )

    A good first date would be to take our dogs to the park and maybe have a picnic and then take a stroll.

  • mebe65 ( 29 / W / Wilmington, NC )

    I would do most anything. Just ask and I'll tell you if that sounds like a good idea lol

  • MissDina ( 26 / W / Washington, IA )

    Dinner And A Movie Or Just Hanging Out Getting To Know Eachother and just having a good time with alot of laughter

  • Tall4u ( 44 / W / Silver Spring, MD )

    Lunch would be a good first date...low key, no stress. Then a walk (if it's not too cold!). Or if you're another dog owner a meeting at a dog park would be fun.

  • eriePA ( 56 / M / Erie, PA )

    First date should be some place, doing some thing we both agree upon. I don' have a set idea in mind. If meeting in Erie, Presque Isle Park is one of my most favorite places to go. Tell me what your favorite place may be...  read more>>

  • Pepsi127 ( 65 / W / Southfield, MI )

    Anywhere we decide to go after we meet. Somewhere where we can talk, laugh, get to know each other and have a nice fun evening together