Pets My favorite date ideas

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  • sneeezywantsluv ( 35W / Calgary, AB )


    I think a good first date would be to take dogs for a walk in an off leash park. It is a public place and therefore easier to see if there is any chemistry. if there is then make plans for a second date. If not ,at least  more>>

  • sonnyone ( 50W / Montezuma, IN )


    Some place neutral never now who anyone is until you get to meet them an be around them for a while, but uhm ha ha! After that someplace quite, park,lake ect simple things! I don't like Rose or flowers ! Life is about th  more>>

  • Leomblack23 ( 24M / Memphis, TN )


    if i find women date pls keep control txt me ,,if find women pls be grown fashion ,And i need 50% both

  • MissErin2000 ( 40W / Las Vegas, NV )


    I would say a good first date would be at the dog park. A man who loves dogs is a man I would want to get to know better.

  • kerbear1977 ( 38W / Gilbert, AZ )


    A good first date would be to take our dogs to the park and maybe have a picnic and then take a stroll.

  • mebe65 ( 27W / Wilmington, NC )


    I would do most anything. Just ask and I'll tell you if that sounds like a good idea lol

  • MissDina ( 25W / Washington, IA )


    Dinner And A Movie Or Just Hanging Out Getting To Know Eachother and just having a good time with alot of laughter

  • Tall4u ( 42W / Silver Spring, MD )


    Lunch would be a good first date...low key, no stress. Then a walk (if it's not too cold!). Or if you're another dog owner a meeting at a dog park would be fun.

  • eriePA ( 54M / Erie, PA )


    First date should be some place, doing some thing we both agree upon. I don' have a set idea in mind. If meeting in Erie, Presque Isle Park is one of my most favorite places to go. Tell me what your favorite place may be  more>>

  • Pepsi127 ( 64W / Southfield, MI )


    Anywhere we decide to go after we meet. Somewhere where we can talk, laugh, get to know each other and have a nice fun evening together

  • sxclilChimp ( 29W / Manchester, England - Greater Manchester )


    nice restaurant, lots of wine and food

  • kazlith ( 57W / Las Cruces, NM )


    I'm flexible, whether we go to a movie, do dinner, watch an Aggies game or stroll through Mesilla's art galleries, I'm OK with it. If you've got dogs, how about meeting at the Dog Park and seeing how our pooches get alon  more>>

  • angelteddy ( 62W / Sacramento, CA )


    Since I'm bedridden I'm looking for someone to bring dinner and we can watch a movie