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  • keisha0538 (38F/Delmar, NY)


    Something fun and engaging, I want to let the conversation flow and laugh a lot

  • letitride23 (26M/Honolulu, HI)


    Get a coffee go for a walk have a talk get to know each other a little better

  • thunderfan101 (32M/Stillwater, OK)


    Going to a movie walk around the lake or dinner

  • lovelyprince999 (49M/Los Angeles, CA)


    Visit to any nice restaurant or bar for a cup of wine, chat or maybe take a walk

  • David_K87 (23M/Brampton, ON)


    Curvy, Outgoing, Big Ass, Nice Eyes

  • sandiegee (56F/Rotherham, England - South Yorkshire)


    I'd like to meet for coffee and a chat to get to know the guy better.

  • redheadmikie4470 (44F/Annapolis, MD)


    First time meeting face to face would have to occur in a very public place (such as a Mall, coffee house, etc...). We hit it off and make plans for a real "First Date" to do something fun and/or more private (comedy show  Weiter>>

  • Navyman15 (18M/Irving, TX)


    Movies and a small dinner and if not that then a Netflix movie thing ^.^

  • Simple..nothing overboard or dinner

  • TonyLeone (46M/Brooklyn, NY)


    Our first date would be amazing , cocktails and appetizers great conversation gaze into your eyes hold your hand

  • chardonay14 (43F/Milford, CT)


    Coffee, drinks something simple but engaging

  • melindaleroux17 (18F/Windsor, ON)


    My first date ideas I would say dinner and a movie :) ❤️

  • Meet up have a chat get to know you have a laugh

  • Coffe will be nice or drink in a pub or we can walk on the beach n know each other more

  • devilsplaytoy (25F/Knoxville, TN)


    I would love to have dinner and a romantic movie.