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  • genuine_guy88 ( 26M / El Dorado, CA )


    Going on a walk. I will not go to a movie because a date is getting to know one another.. Can't really get to know each other over a loud loud movie. =/

  • kc_fball08 ( 22M / Reidsville, NC )


    Ill show you a great time and go wild have fun sround me

  • Jademoon ( 22F / Morristown, TN )


    A walk in the park playing 20 questions.

  • Dupree2001 ( 33M / Vancouver, WA )



  • yummymommy ( 50F / Victoria, BC )


    a long walk around the lake........a nice dinner.........let's both order something different and share!! Let's listen to some live music..........or maybe you can teach me to dance!!??

  • Isparkle2 ( 55F / Urbana, IL )


    A walk or hike in a park followed by a chat at a coffee house or a casual meal at a local restaurant.

  • hillbillylady ( 55F / Crimora, VA )


    just take a walk and talk and get know each other ,see if we have any thing in common.

  • hickchickjc ( 24F / Wells, ME )


    I guess probably hanging out at the beach and maybe a drink after. We could also hang out and watch a movie or have a bon fire.

  • nscrgrl4848 ( 43F / Mississauga, ON )


    My first date idea......well......to break the ice, maybe meeting for a coffee or drink....... Lunch, Dinner, walk in a park???? I usually leave it up to the guy......see what he can come up with......

  • stories2tell ( 60F / San Jose, CA )


    I enjoy the sun on my face, sand between my toes, breeze tossing my hair and the smell of pine. A walk on a nature trail or something outside would be fun.

  • UnfilledHeart ( 43M / Stockbridge, GA )


    My first date idea would have to be one of two choices. Either dinner or a walk on a park trail just after the sun starts to go down. At dinner you have the opportunity to enjoy eachothers company and laugh while sharing  Weiter>>

  • Ashley302 ( 36F / Wilmington, DE )


    can we go feed the ducks together

  • missDDs ( 33F / deer park, Victoria )


    a quiet pick-nick in the park and a walk somewhere pretty

  • Carolina_Gurl ( 47F / Newport, NC )


    WOW! I'm a country gal and love the simple things as well as nice things, but I think the first day both of us should be comfortable with each other and not awkward. I would enjoy a dinner and walk on the beach and if it  Weiter>>

  • cat316 ( 48F / Hammondsville, OH )


    I would like the gentleman to decide. I am a very old fashion girl with romantic ideals.