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  • Dj5WA99T3AM ( 25M / Virginia Beach, VA )


    I'm very laid back so just a walk in the park or go for a drive. Maybe Go out to a Hookah Bar

  • Rosekate4u ( 30F / Sydney, New South Wales )


    can we have a nice chat first to get to know each other before meet up?

  • johndoe1952 ( 63M / Saint Paul, MN )


    A walk in a park, enjoying a nice restaurant, watching a sunset, anything outside in the fresh air and sunshine!

  • mariijanee ( 22F / Tucker, GA )


    A long walk some where in the park or in the montains .

  • supertall22 ( 27M / Henderson, NV )


    idk watever comes to mind it culd be movies or park or hike

  • jeepit11 ( 29F / Tarawa Terrace, NC )


    Gun range and dinner jk (maybe the 3rd) really anything to get to knwo each other.

  • BMOC37 ( 45M / Elkridge, MD )


    Dinner,goto a park and take a walk and talk and get to know each other

  • beebee2004 ( 46M / Oak Park, IL )


    A museum...I'd love to know what and how you think :)

  • greengac ( 49F / Minneapolis, MN )


    First dates are usually rather awkward, so I think it's better to find a low-key activity to do together like a leisurely walk or "coffee" (I don't drink coffee, but it's the type of first date I mean.)

  • ChloeDawn ( 22F / Crook, England - County Durham )


    I'd like it to be nice and quiet so we could get to know each other more :)

  • alexis_g ( 22F / San Angelo, TX )


    pizza & dr.pepper at my house watching a funny or scary movie. then a drive to get ice cream.!

  • setalone ( 57M / feira, Aveiro )


    Sou um Homem de bem a vida, feliz na maior parte do tempo, vaidoso, simpático e divertido. Sou de fácil convívio, gosto de trocar idéias, respeito e gosto de ser respeitado; distraído ao extremo, seletivo nas amizad  Weiter>>

  • ericeh ( 36M / Garner, IA )


    movie and then flower and then to a nice place to eat and to get to know each other and we can meet at a mall or a nice resturant

  • 1manwoman ( 41F / Dunfermline, Scotland - Fife )


    My first date would probably be somewhere in the open... A walk along a beach (yes even in this weather ..lol), all the better to have a cuddle.. A walk through a park.... anywhere really.. somewhere it is just me and yo  Weiter>>

  • Derrick287 ( 25M / Atlanta, GA )


    holding hands walking in the park, an have a lil picnic lol, you kno like dem PB & J sandmiches apple chips on some cover in the middle og the grass : )