First Date Ideas

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  • bgurl075 ( 41 / W / Antelope, CA )

    walking in a park and just talk about nothing. Or you could take me to a movie and beer.

  • SeattleHeyday8 ( 47 / M / Seattle, WA )

    In a public place such as a park.

  • TexasNomad ( 40 / M / Houston, TX )

    The first date depends on what you're into & what you're open to doing. Let's talk first & we can figure the rest out later.

  • Autumngal ( 50 / W / Waverly, NY )

    I'd enjoy an activity that would allow us to chat and get to know each other ... walking lakeside, attending a car show or going for a drive to look at scenery would be a nice way to break the ice!

  • thailovely ( 40 / W / Thailand )

    sweet, smile, respect, happy. walking hand in hand

  • GEMINI6759 ( 57 / W / Brooklyn, NY )

    to go where we can get to know each other, in an place where there are people, than if we are comfortable with each other than we go on the date, if not there is not hard feeling we just didn't click..or going for a walk...  read more>>

  • redneck1992 ( 24 / M / Columbus, MS )

    Take her on a hunting and fishing trip. Go to a movie.

  • MsLynn12 ( 22 / W / Sulphur, LA )

    For a first date I'd like it to be simple, because I'm a simple person(: Maybe grab something to eat and go for a night walk somewhere like the board walk, or maybe just catch a movie!(:

  • luckynite ( 32 / M / Charlotte, NC )

    As long as im not bored and for me to keep you happy

  • candeesweet ( 39 / W / Bend, OR )

    Somebody who will take my dogs for a walk with me and then maybe dinner and drinks.

  • WILDGUY23 ( 27 / M / Chattanooga, TN )


  • redd100 ( 38 / M / Watervliet, NY )

    Tlk n get to kno each outher mayb take a wlk hold hand or mayb kids

  • southernhotmomma ( 46 / W / Blue Ridge, GA )

    If the weather is nice, a picnic. If not we can go bowling, or a movie, or just meet for coffee/hot chocolate.

  • lizc2007 ( 28 / W / Lakeview, OH )

    My first date idea is a nice dinner and just talking to get to know each other.

  • heidi6416 ( 31 / W / Salem, OR )

    Dinner or maybe a walk in a park. Somewhere quiet so we could get to know each other