Sightseeing My favorite date ideas

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  • XDeeva ( 47W / Ft Mitchell, KY )


    To meet some where we can walk and chat and look at the sights, Maybe a Zoo or Aquarium or even a Flea market....

  • smb2115 ( 61W / Harrisburg, PA )


    How about Rita's and a walk by the river?

  • MaxxPro ( 45M / Colorado Springs, CO )


    Spend the day in the mountains followed by a nice dinner.

  • InkChopper ( 36M / Hayward, CA )


    this message is for RobinHagaman. not a paying member, so cant email you back. would love to talk and maybe even go for a long ride somewhere on my Harley, interested? you can reach me easier...... moto r _ i nk at yah o  more>>

  • miss2goodie1 ( 38W / Shreveport, LA )


    Just spending time in the park with a lunch getting to know each other better

  • RainahQueen1 ( 44W / Hemet, CA )


    surprise me take me some where we can talk and have fun at the same time.

  • aleigh ( 43W / Little Rock, AR )


    Hit either the Rivermarket area or check out the new bridge at Two Rivers park especially now that the weather is especially nice.

  • ROSY82 ( 32W / ..., Quintana Roo )


    A nice walking at night... a good chat... somewhere we can have fun ...

  • 8excyred26 ( 32W / Virginia Beach, VA )


    Something that has the outdoors involved like fishing beach or a park.

  • schrin ( 55M / Jackson, MI )


    To meet at a place we are both comfortable with and just let nature take it's course

  • mzfullfig2009 ( 64W / Moreno Valley, CA )


    nice picnic,or a lone walk.. having a nice conversation with a man that can hold a good conversation, i like to hold hands so i hope you do, not looking for a place to go where we won't be able to hear each other

  • Scorpio_co ( 43M / Colorado Springs, CO )


    Hmmm, this would depend on the person I guess. I love to go bowling, it's fun and a great ice breaker. Love museums, a walk around garden of the gods as the sun goes down. I'm pretty easy going and as long as the company  more>>

  • jettaguy91 ( 57M / Sydney Forks, NS )


    Although going to see a movie is a Great Idea .. That would not be best place to communicate.... .A Long Drive Would Be

  • AliceBlairCoffin ( 25W / Brewer, ME )


    Since I live in Maine, we could go to Cadillac Mountain and Sand Beach for the day, and in the evening we could spend time in the park in Bar Harbor and eat ice cream.

  • luvrofwomen ( 51M / Des Moines, IA )


    how about a candlelite dinner ,well dinner so we can watch the sun go down. also you MUST be into hugs and affectionate.