First Date Ideas

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  • Live2bhappy2000 ( 66 / W / Palmdale, CA )

    Maybe lunch or dinner for our first date...then we'll see.

  • mandingo100 ( 50 / M / Mesquite, TX )

    sit and talk at the park or watch an movie or sit at the lake so i can see your funny side and keep you laughing so hard until you find your self in my arms stirring off in silents thinking about what it would feel like...  read more>>

  • Heat36 ( 42 / W / Duluth, MN )

    Let's take a ride up the shore of Lake Superior....let the day take us to new amazing places. There are so many incredible places that we could experience from the light house, Goose Berry Falls, small towns, beaches, so...  read more>>

  • deneen42 ( 48 / W / Richmond, VA )

    How about a walk at the park, having fun dinner movie etc.

  • ljidahoborn ( 58 / W / Melba, ID )

    Our first date would be driving somewhere special and getting to know each other along the way. We may have to stop and take pictures or look at some interesting things. Weather permitting we could do a picnic.

  • katmommie2 ( 59 / W / Loma Linda, CA )

    Going on a picnic to the beach and then later walking as we get to know each other.

  • missbri6055 ( 33 / W / Irving, TX )

    My first date should take place in a relaxed publicsetting.

  • Demura93 ( 30 / W / Mississauga, ON )

    First, would you like to take a nice, leisurely stroll down the lakeside boardwalk? They have places to sit, eat, and just take in the beauty of the lake. It's very relaxing, and very peaceful in the summer.

  • jacobtan ( 41 / M / Singapore )

    It should be relaxing, nice breeze with coconut to be served.....

  • lovesmusic911 ( 43 / W / Aberdeen, WA )

    I really like the idea of going for a drive.. It's nice to see if you can stand the person for more then 10 minutes.. hahaha JK.. If there is a lull in conversation, you can talk about what you drive past.. I don't know...  read more>>

  • budderfly ( 64 / W / Dublin, GA )

    Meet for coffee or a drink, sit talk get to know each other better.

  • kamalh ( 47 / M / Los Angeles, CA )

    first? well i am a lil new to the dating seen.. but i am a gentleman .. pick you up from home , of course open your door .. and just have a whole day in store for us ... it would start with a long ride down the coast lin...  read more>>

  • curvaceous59 ( 57 / W / Brisbane, Queensland )

    First meetings are always awkward so I believe they need to be in a public place with alot of activity around. That way if we dont "click" there is plenty around us to talk about. I love animals, fish and boats...  read more>>

  • kaynet ( 45 / W / Corona, CA )

    People can be a bit crazy here in Cali so a nice public place for lunch would be great. Meet for a short walk on the pier, or a restaurant bar for a drink. See if we hit it off. Go from there.

  • LAwoman72 ( 45 / W / Brightwood, VA )

    new places, good eats, good conversation