First Date Ideas

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  • Condor_45 ( 29 / M / Dacula, GA )

    How about a slice from a local pizza joint and we support the local music scene. Maybe a few cocktails if that's your thing.

  • ajm32mitch ( 36 / M / North Tonawanda, NY )

    would like to go out to a nice resturant and go for awalk after

  • helloxsunshine ( 24 / W / San Marcos, TX )

    Something fun. :) concerts, theme parks, movies, etc. I'm not hard to please.

  • WilyKayode ( 50 / M / Centreville, VA )

    A drive to the beach which is about 4-6 hours away, would be nice. Walking on the board walk checking out all of the sights and activities. Then as the day winds down walking along the lapping waves on the sand and sitti...  read more>>

  • nickterror ( 26 / M / Piedmont, SC )

    I would love to take you out and show you what I have to offer

  • sstdimko ( 30 / M / Washingtonville, OH )

    I think a concert or a musical gathering of sorts would ventana excellent .... everyone has those awkward silent moments .... nerves... stress .... insecurity all kick in and suddenly million things you thought of to ask...  read more>>

  • bills989 ( 34 / M / Midland, MI )

    Go to a concert or a movie I love music so anything with that Im happy.

  • Crazygirl1243 ( 25 / W / Trion, GA )

    Since I'm a huge fan of music and coffee shops, I think that would be perfect to hang out there and get to know each other. I am also into spontaneous things, so I would be happy with anything!

  • DeblovesOlli ( 41 / W / Vancouver, BC )

    The first date should be quick and easy... A drink, a baseball game, a walk with my dog...

  • phoenixblu ( 35 / W / Washington, DC )

    Movies (Latest releases & foreign films) Museum Performing Arts Sight Seeing (Off the beaten path)

  • funluvincntrygal ( 40 / W / Anselmo, NE )

    Anything that involves good conversation and a good time.

  • brianne247 ( 50 / W / Bagdad, KY )

    Live music,Jazz etc. A walk...a talk.

  • GeekyAndIKnowIt ( 28 / W / San Diego, CA )

    Grabbing coffee or a drink to just initially meet is always a great idea. My IDEAL first date on any occasion is a concert or a day at the amusement park. There is nothing better than being in a crowd with music flowing...  read more>>

  • FastDriver ( 35 / W / Springfield, MA )

    Not into romance such as walks on a beach or candled surrounding a table food.

  • beccamarie ( 36 / W / Moreno Valley, CA )

    My first date would b fun dats all dat matters mayb a rock club see a show or go dancing