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  • koolguy2469 (27M/Harrison, MI)


    The first date would probably be what the women decides to do.......

  • LisettePR (46F/Chicago, IL)


    I would love to go out to dinner and then go out for drinks and listen to some good music.

  • chelseagirlplus (38F/Levittown, PA)


    my first date might be a cup of coffee or a walk in the park. It might be a movie or a club. It all depends.

  • RockabillyLove (27F/Colorado City, TX)


    A lot of ppl suggest a candle lit dinner, well never had that happen before. I genueinly love going to the movies; drive in especially. That or out for dinner with live music.

  • addyone78 (36F/Atlanta, GA)


    Anything creative on a first date for me is a plus. If you take the lead and show control of the situation that always puts you in a good place in my book.

  • sidfacetious (52M/Shrewsbury, England - Shropshire)


    Taking in a really good gig, whether in a big venue or a small one, that we can talk about on the way home

  • missmelissa2000 (33F/Chandler, AZ)


    Out with friends would be fun, no pressure. Would also love to go out for a drink and isten to music. I would even be up for batting cages, mini golf, or just dinner out. Something simple, and I hope the guy will be open  Weiter>>

  • MissHunny (45F/Brentwood, MD)


    Beautiful surroundings, nice music, candlelight dinner, theater (live), and great conversation.

  • letha929 (30F/Lansing, MI)


    my first date would just b getting to know you, we could do anything as long as it gave me insite to who you were.

  • amazin52 (23F/Pensacola, FL)


    my first date idea would be a nice candle lit dinner,then a nice stroll n the park or on a beach

  • angela13211 (58F/Syracuse, NY)


    My first date would weather permitting would be something outdoors. We have had an awful winter and spring so some fresh air and sunshine is defintely in order! I would like to hear some live music or walk around and tak  Weiter>>

  • JennyB41565 (49F/Palm Bay, FL)


    Let's go somewhere for a nice meal--a place with some atmosphere that is quiet enough to talk and get to know each other. We can then go listen to some live music somewhere for a bit, then take a walk and talk some more  Weiter>>

  • ireneth66 (69F/Yoncalla, OR)


    Lets talk first, we can go from there, to know what kind of a first date should be. I'm not against meeting in pubic for lunch, pizza sounds good. After all we are still getting t know each other right?

  • paseo92 (21M/Roy, UT)


    maybe just going out and getting a bite to eat and out to a movie

  • i hope in my first day i wil meet more foreign friend