Fun Date Ideas

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  • winnju ( 56 / W / New Orleans, LA )

    Dinner at a nice resturant, a walk in the quarter.

  • freeman2003 ( 45 / M / Kansas City, MO )

    movie and a long walk, get something to eat, my dime

  • blessnu ( 54 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    I would enjoy going to a museum or a jazz club follow up with dinner.

  • gentuk ( 60 / M / London, England - London )

    I would hope we would share a smile and a laugh or two.

  • Zicoxite ( 29 / W / Leander, TX )

    I adore museums, so a good date location for me would be either the Blanton Museum of Art or the Museum of the Weird, both in downtown Austin.

  • ashleigh ( 27 / W / Longview, TX )

    eh, i don't know, i'm pretty easily entertained, riding around, renting movies that's fine by me.

  • onlovebrother61 ( 56 / M / Washington, DC )

    My first dated would be a nice walk downtown enjoying the sites and having a nice talk to really get to know each other.

  • richoran ( 56 / M / Los Angeles, CA )

    a nature walk and then a really nice meal

  • Paradox611 ( 48 / M / Newcastle, New South Wales )

    Dinner or Lunch at a Restaurant.

  • biglarrymi ( 49 / M / Southfield, MI )

    well first dates are hard enough...what I feel is a great way to get to know each other is to meet for game of pool or darts, or meet at a museum were we can walk and talk and get to know each other

  • luvallwomen2000 ( 54 / M / Regina, SK )

    We could meet for a coffee in a quiet restaurant and then go for a walk around the downtown and look at the old buildings and discuss our thoughts or instead go to a museum or gallery to discuss the same. .. the importan...  read more >>

  • uspuresweetness ( 52 / W / Memphis, TN )

    Th first date should be what we both like to do , im not an picky person as long as its fun im gain

  • ORGoddess ( 60 / W / Portland, OR )

    Coffee, drink, gallery, park, zoo...

  • alikar69 ( 60 / M / Richmond, VA )

    Since it would already be established that she was a nerd like me, going to a museum would be mutually acceptable. This would include a sitdown for coffee at the museum cafe'. We could progress thru the place and actuall...  read more >>

  • MBergs ( 55 / M / Keller, TX )

    A phone 'date' is fun and let's us talk and get comfortable for our next date... Lunch dates are great - it's such a great way to look forward to something during the day... then we can decide what we want to do for a we...  read more >>