Kulinarisches Abendteuer

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  • zippiteroobel ( 46M / Green Bay, WI )


    Proper greetings and pleasantries followed by a sumptuous meal of various rich, tantalizing foods. Comfort and relaxing atmoshpere is paramount while we get to know one another.

  • Marzipan218 ( 44F / Tampa, FL )


    A good first date...hmmm...how about a cooking class? Wine Tasting? Dinner and sunset? I'm pretty easy to please.

  • italianobello ( 54M / London, England - London )


    .......Candlelit dinner....then a walg along the river thames........we can stand on waterloo bridge after dark and take in all the lights along the river bank...and take the famous London skyline....

  • BCRenGal ( 42F / Battle Creek, MI )


    I love going out for ethnic food, trying new things, going to a museum or ren faire walking around and getting to know each other.

  • Mick20017 ( 56M / Waukegan, IL )


    Possibly meet for breakfast / lunch / dinner, such as a local restaurant or pancake house to break the ice and get acquainted. Later, we could enjoy miniature golfing, bowling, a nice stroll or comedy club for entertainm  Weiter>>

  • Arkveveen123 ( 27M / Wildomar, CA )


    My first date is a simple one. It doesn't need to be anything romantic from a movie, because to me the biggest form of love and romance involves food or eating with someone I love! Fast food joints are filled with the mo  Weiter>>

  • keefersmom ( 58F / Colton, CA )


    dinner and a movie, picnic and a lake, hot-dogs and the park, something simple that allows talking.

  • spirited0330 ( 55F / Lothian, MD )


    A first date should be like an adventure so I think meeting at a new restaurant that neither has tried would be a great starting point for conversation.

  • will8061 ( 32M / Jackson, MS )


    Hmm first date dinner some drinks maybe bowling bating cage or an movie....really just somthing to get to know you

  • missaf ( 38F / Barstow, CA )


    A perfect first date in my eyes is something that allows for the freedom to communicate as well as things to fill in the silence. Awkward silence isn't awkward when you know someone, because it will be a comfortable sile  Weiter>>

  • HUGHjazz ( 35M / Los Angeles, CA )


    I dont like the idea of a late night date (dinner & movie), I want a full date, all day. start w/breakfast or brunch, i like cheese danish (not really a coffee person) or something w/ chocolate in it. Then catch an early  Weiter>>

  • orlandofire ( 49M / Stockholm, Stockholms Lan )


    After a nice walk close to the sea we have a relaxed dinner at a small restaurant. We have your favorite dish and something delicious to drink. I take your hands and look into your eyes and everything is as perfect as it  Weiter>>

  • greeneyes2631 ( 51F / Leesburg, FL )


    My first date after we meet could be somewhere that we can talk and then go to the lake, beach or park and sit and enjoy the sunset.

  • BX2MIAMI ( 63F / Miami, FL )


    Meet and greet for as long as we like than set up next date.....

  • MissNeece ( 57F / Benton, KY )


    I wish to get to know someone slowly. Maybe going to a resturant like The Mangolian .