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  • BBWadmirier (19M/Gloucester, MA)


    A nice little or long stroll in a park

  • bry923 (24M/Indianapolis, IN)


    Meeting for coffee or a walk in the park.

  • Chsmith23 (33F/North Myrtle Beach, SC)


    I would love a nice trail walk- gives plenty of time to talk, and being outdoors is always beautiful!!

  • biggdayy34227 (37M/Creswell, NC)


    Walk on the beach , denner,movie,what ever she want to do I am game for it

  • buzzlightyear91 (23M/Cobden, IL)


    Like the first date to be a picnic, somewhere public but quiet so we can get to know each other better.

  • Keerant (23M/Hicksville, OH)


    Just taking a walk and talking is ideal.

  • mallett (49M/Auburn, ME)


    my ideal date would be to,walk along the beach,enjoying the sunset,as we talk,and i would tell her,sweeti let's go up to the place,and have a big dinner,over looking the bay area.

  • Southerngal83 (31F/Redfield, AR)


    My ideal first date would be going to mud races, mud riding, or car races. im not hard to please..lol. A simple fishing trip would be fine with me.... :-)

  • gbeautyyy (35F/Lancaster, TX)


    I would love for first date to be a trip to the museum or maybe a nice walk at the lake

  • eonreed (26M/Akron, OH)


    Fishing by lake lit with the evening sun

  • Ephedrine (41F/Quebec, QC)


    Prendre un café, marcher, discuter

  • El1zab3th42 (43F/Morecambe, England - Lancashire)


    Going for a walk along a sea front..

  • Justforfun66 (47M/Tupelo, MS)


    Just a casual meeting and maybe a,walk .........

  • Necrocannibal (28F/Bronx, NY)


    People watching at union square or cybertron (Major cool points if you know about cybertron)

  • Having normal dinners. Watching movies. Walking in the park. Having a chat.