Fun Date Ideas

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  • cloudberry ( 52 / W / Lahti, Paijanne Tavastia )

    Coffee, or a quiet dinner. Art Galleries. Talking and listening are important. Taking a stroll along a boardwalk.

  • Aviator_Kris ( 29 / M / Poughkeepsie, NY )

    somewhere quiet for us to get to know each other better, Like a museum and dinner.

  • mixbreed23 ( 30 / W / San Leandro, CA )

    I Love Museums And Art Galleries And Think That Will Be A Great First date it takes the pressure off.

  • FloydFan ( 43 / M / Scarborough, ON )

    long walk on the boardwalk, cafe

  • melody2003 ( 62 / M / Houston, TX )

    Maybe a nice restaurant, or cafe.

  • KatieKenzie ( 34 / W / Santa Monica, CA )

    I am new to LA... my ideal first date would entail doing something that will show me more of what LA has to offer.

  • tyrontaylor52 ( 27 / M / Gadsden, AL )

    Go see a good movie then go to my place to have a romatic first date together

  • Chainique ( 58 / W / Saint Petersburg, FL )

    Let's go to an Art Museum or Gallery so that we can discover what speaks to each of us on a deeply personal level. Do you gravitate toward the Abstract pieces or the Impressionist ones? Maybe a bookstore with a coffee ba...  read more >>

  • LuckieElle ( 45 / W / Jonesboro, GA )

    I think the High Museum is a great first date. Gives us an opportunity to walk and talk about the exhibit share our thoughts and ideas perhaps even learn something together. And later continue the conversation in a downt...  read more >>

  • smilebeauty112 ( 36 / W / Greenville, SC )

    Dinning out or probably walking on the beach and telling each other how far we want to make positive changes.

  • onesmartcookie ( 28 / W / Palmdale, CA )

    My ideal first date would be casually spending time with someone and feeling an intellectual connection. I love highly intelligent, verbose conversation and an individual that could mentally stimulate me would be extreme...  read more >>

  • tomit1024 ( 52 / W / El Cajon, CA )

    First date nice to walk around and talk.. A walk on the pier..

  • zenmarlin ( 48 / M / Orlando, FL )

    a quaint and subdued romantic restaurant where we can talk and listen to each other, maybe a small band playing in the background.

  • Ayanablu ( 34 / W / Chicago, IL )

    I am a big fan of museums, and I think it would be nice to visit one for a first date. Living in Chicago means their are plenty of choices.

  • Kinamin ( 30 / W / Pittsburgh, PA )

    I don't have any back pocket ideas really.. I just think something that suits both people and is a little more inventive certainly goes a long way. The entire movie and dinner is played out and just boring to be honest...  read more >>