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Kulinarisches Abendteuer

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i like to go some where we can talk have some thing good to eat. maybe a picnic ...
lunch date, brunch, cocktails ... drive... comedy show, live music. NEVER meet ...
Maybe a picnic in a public park and then we goof off like kids and play on the s...
Let's go to dinner and a movie...or simply a cafe.
We can decide if we stir the pots together , go sit in the grass and a picnic lu... like barbecue? They have "barbecue buffets" in Fort Worth along with M...
Time together in a quiet place getting to know each other, a small cafe or coffe...
Meeting for a nice dinner and conversation to get to know one another.... then l...
Afternoon iced tea and banana pudding in central park lol?
anything fun cafe,lunch,dinner,movie,hiking,sightseeing,something random and spo...
Something casual so we can relax and enjoy the company.
I would love to chat first, then meet having discussed it. Lunch, dinner, a roma...
Maybe we could meet for lunch, then if we're both comfortable, plan something ex...
how about we have dinner then go get a room
rent a movie and order a large pizza and relax on a comfortable sofa with cuddli...