First Date Ideas

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  • Querida777 ( 42 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    It would have to be the Getty. I swear I have been there 2x's and I still haven't seen half of it. And lets not get started with the Malibu location. I hear it is Amazing!

  • meow11 ( 36 / W / Mead, CO )

    Coffee w/ great opportunity to get to know eachother or a walk in the park...anything that lets us really talk & laugh together.

  • Conseiller ( 37 / W / Nashville, TN )

    A first date should be comfortable and quiet enough for us to communicate openly. Comedy clubs, museums, and picnics in the park are equally as inviting as some time at the shooting range. *smile* I would not want to do...  read more>>

  • ivette1123 ( 36 / W / Deltona, FL )

    i think a first date should be something fun to help alleviate the pressure and possible awkwardness but still give you the chance to sit and talk

  • MelissaZoe ( 44 / W / Marshalltown, IA )

    Going somewhere like a park, fair,zoo, etc.lots of talking.

  • singlemom63 ( 53 / W / Mesa, AZ )

    I would like to go out to a nice restaurant and get to know each other and go bowling , I like roses and stuff animals

  • hershbear ( 47 / M / Fullerton, CA )

    we could have a good meal together and a nice walk on the beach or just sit and talk to get to know each other

  • brooklynusa1718 ( 38 / M / Bronx, NY )

    hmmmmm well im down for taking a walk or just having some fun not looking for anything serious someone to go the game with

  • ssal777 ( 73 / W / Rochester, NY )

    It depends on the person and what we have in common. Going some place where we can talk and get to know each other. I want to look in their eyes and see their smile. It is not what you are wrapped in it is what inside th...  read more>>

  • Silk1004 ( 46 / W / Humble, TX )

    The Natural Science Museum is one of my favorites. We can walk and talk. Then dinner for more talking.

  • maryte ( 45 / W / Toronto, ON )

    It's quite hard to say what is an ideal date. Really anything that allows for comfortable chatting, and eye contact is important. So brunch is a good option, as is a coffee date. Myself, I like museums, the brunch idea a...  read more>>

  • pinkroses716 ( 30 / W / Atlantic City, NJ )

    maybe a walk on the boardwalk, maybe a cafe. someplace simple where we can chat.

  • PhotoGirl026 ( 27 / W / Towson, MD )

    Would you like to go to a concert or a museum downtown?

  • Sweetness2023 ( 42 / W / Lancaster, OH )

    Anything as long as it isn't so loud we can't hear each other.

  • FluffyDiva87 ( 29 / W / Brooklyn, NY )

    An ideal first date would be touring a museum and dinner afterwards, something where we could engage in conversation and get to kno each other. we'll save the movies for another time.