First Date Ideas

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  • securityman992 ( 67 / M / Kent, WA )

    Going for coffe to talk or going for a bite to eat. Then walking and talking to get to know each other better.

  • Hoggrossi ( 41 / M / Oklahoma City, OK )

    Our date would be an allday adventure getting to knw eachother.

  • LindaLouWho ( 46 / W / Port Richey, FL )

    I'm not interested in dating at the moment. Online chatting, texting etc, maybe even 'hang out' time.

  • shouthshoreboy ( 55 / M / Rockland, MA )

    Just going for a nice quiet dinner, sitting across from each other, taking and getting to know each other,

  • Choco029 ( 38 / M / Bradenton, FL )

    Anything involving food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • madalegna52 ( 65 / W / Lafayette Hill, PA )

    Well, my favorite first date could be anything really.... lunch or dinner at a nice byob restaurant, with a glass of a great red wine, in a quiet corner where we can talk and share stories, and get to know one another.

  • rachel4151 ( 34 / W / Seattle, WA )

    I always thought a picnic would be a great first date. Something more interesting than dinner or a movie!

  • ceraphimfalls ( 26 / W / Orem, UT )

    I love food. So first, a restaurant for a nice, sit down, get-to-know-ya session. And then, who knows? Going to a Comedy Club or pub quiz are always classics. Maybe paintball, maybe a game, maybe a Magic tournament. Does...  read more>>

  • Hollywood2018 ( 31 / M / Gainesville, FL )

    Fine wine and dine and a spontaneous actitvity after

  • MarySteph ( 66 / W / Grand Rapids, MI )

    Discover an outing neither of us have done before

  • GenaSeQua ( 35 / W / Ocala, FL )

    Dinner, a movie, maybe shoot some pool,

  • bananadude_2000 ( 40 / M / Pasadena, CA )

    I would suggest a cool cafe or coffee shop. Or maybe go to a cool show.

  • larrilou ( 60 / W / Stayton, OR )

    My idea of a first date is lunch, dinner or picnic. This is better than just drinks or coffee as you have time to learn more about each other. I want there to be lots of conversation, preferably a little more secluded at...  read more>>

  • aisha33 ( 38 / W / Philadelphia, PA )

    I would enjoy a nice dinner an a walk in a cool park to talk a relax after a great dinner.

  • mmerrit ( 30 / M / Gouverneur, NY )

    Mybe cooking. I love to cook for a girl