First Date Ideas

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  • Choco029 ( 38 / M / Bradenton, FL )

    Anything involving food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • madalegna52 ( 65 / W / Lafayette Hill, PA )

    Well, my favorite first date could be anything really.... lunch or dinner at a nice byob restaurant, with a glass of a great red wine, in a quiet corner where we can talk and share stories, and get to know one another.

  • rachel4151 ( 33 / W / Seattle, WA )

    I always thought a picnic would be a great first date. Something more interesting than dinner or a movie!

  • ceraphimfalls ( 25 / W / Orem, UT )

    I love food. So first, a restaurant for a nice, sit down, get-to-know-ya session. And then, who knows? Going to a Comedy Club or pub quiz are always classics. Maybe paintball, maybe a game, maybe a Magic tournament. Does...  read more>>

  • Hollywood2018 ( 31 / M / Gainesville, FL )

    Fine wine and dine and a spontaneous actitvity after

  • MarySteph ( 66 / W / Grand Rapids, MI )

    Discover an outing neither of us have done before

  • GenaSeQua ( 35 / W / Ocala, FL )

    Dinner, a movie, maybe shoot some pool,

  • bananadude_2000 ( 40 / M / Pasadena, CA )

    I would suggest a cool cafe or coffee shop. Or maybe go to a cool show.

  • larrilou ( 59 / W / Stayton, OR )

    My idea of a first date is lunch, dinner or picnic. This is better than just drinks or coffee as you have time to learn more about each other. I want there to be lots of conversation, preferably a little more secluded at...  read more>>

  • aisha33 ( 38 / W / Philadelphia, PA )

    I would enjoy a nice dinner an a walk in a cool park to talk a relax after a great dinner.

  • mmerrit ( 30 / M / Gouverneur, NY )

    Mybe cooking. I love to cook for a girl

  • catwinks ( 56 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    Tea and Scones and talk, talk, talk

  • sillverfox1 ( 61 / W / Woodstock, GA )

    Something Fun for both of US. I'm open to new ideas.

  • Goyarica ( 38 / W / Issaquah, WA )

    Depends on the day of the week!! lol Sometimes I feel more romantic, sometimes more quiet, somtimes a little more adventurous....I guess we will see!! lol

  • JoJoLove86 ( 30 / W / Hampton, VA )

    My first date idea would be a nice place that is not to loud, so that we are able to get to know each other. It can be adventurous just as long as there is time for talking.