First Date Ideas

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  • Velell81 ( 35 / W / Land O Lakes, FL )

    I'm totally not a expensive 1st date kind of person ( Dutch acceptable on first dates only). I have few favorites when dinning out. So something as simple as Applebee's is fine with me. I prefer to cook, since i'm awesom...  read more >>

  • psidogg ( 54 / M / Tchula, MS )

    i want my first date magical

  • NEBERKENEZER001 ( 40 / M / New York, NY )

    Ice cream social...some gelatto, a nice muscato...sparkiling, or some hot toddy's for a walk in da snow, flea market or food festival, IHOP? Outdoor movie, sneak into a pool, drive through sonic & tell them they forgot 2...  read more >>

  • blackwol2016 ( 19 / M / Kokomo, IN )

    get some food and talk to get know one another maybe see a good movie after

  • Redmac ( 53 / W / London, England - London )

    Talking and keeping things real

  • Michelledm1984 ( 32 / W / Cleveland, GA )

    Maybe something casual to get know each other

  • ianmac ( 58 / M / Randburg, Gauteng )

    A simple meeting over a coffee or a lunch. This could find instant chemistry or an instant barrier, but would give us both a sense of each other however it turns out.

  • Walt_1969 ( 48 / M / San Antonio, TX )

    Both of us having lunch at a luby's cafeteria both of us wearing some slip on shoes bare footed ( flip flops or sandals preferably ) while we sit eat and talk we would be playing footsie barefooted together under the tab...  read more >>

  • NikNak1 ( 45 / W / Manassas, VA )

    The first date can be very awkward. It should be kept simple, just a chance to see one another and make sure there's a physical connection without too much pressure. The second date should be more fun though!

  • Christopher559 ( 36 / M / Caruthers, CA )

    First meetings should be fun and easy going, no pressure, just enjoy a good meal together and have a great conversation to start.

  • BrittanyRoze ( 20 / W / Putnam, CT )

    Meet up for Lunch or Dinner than go to a movie and relax afterwards getting to know each other better and go for a walk and watch the sunset together.

  • Tom__D ( 22 / M / Melbourne, Victoria )

    Food :)

  • dornmn ( 48 / M / Victoria, BC )

    quiet lunch to get to know each other

  • imbigash ( 23 / M / Gillingham, England - Kent )

    Go out for lunch, maybe a few drinks etc.

  • igoharder ( 37 / M / Exton, PA )

    It depends on the person it's with. I just want both of us comfortable so we can talk.. Could be dinner, coffee, bar or a trip somewhere. Lose track of everything so interested in each other and want to know more.