Live Musik / Concerts

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  • xerxesshawn (22M/Virginia Beach, VA)


    I'm very into music and poetry so made a poetry venue or just catch a show

  • BBWBeauty2003 (18F/Covington, VA)


    heavy Metal concerts ; Opera 🌹

  • Big and bubbly bbw and ssbbw fun loving cute

  • bluesmanofvero (57M/Vero Beach, FL)


    A healthy meal, a ride in my town car to the beach, then a naked swim, then you tell me!

  • BeautifulPoverty (20F/Lockport, NY)


    Long car drives. Windows down. Smoke a bowl/blunt/joint. Nature walks. Maybe go to a concert.

  • tropicblood (35F/Winter Springs, FL)


    Sushi, a good concert and conversation that makes me laugh and think

  • j_luv89 (25F/Lubbock, TX)


    I love rock music and country music and I would love to go to a concert for the first date.. I think music brings out the best and worst in people.. I want to see how you feel when that perfect song is all around you :)

  • Summer1014 (51F/Medford, MA)


    Music can bring people together and sitting in on one of the concerts they have at the Esplanade on a beautiful day listening to music, people watching, and chatting with others about the music can be a really great way  Weiter>>

  • ryanbyanks (45M/Medford, NY)


    Something very simple. A meet and greet. Lets see if we're compatible in person.

  • jazzy07 (28F/Richmond Hill, GA)


    Anything. I would like you to come up with it, but I like pretty anything

  • sydneymic (18F/Edmond, OK)


    A concert would be a perfect first date!

  • Drinks and talks ending with a nice R&B concert would be a perfect first date. But since I'm dutch a plain would have to be in this equasion lol

  • bigdaddy229 (34M/Springfield Gardens, NY)


    Let's pick a place where neither one of us has been before

  • tontig (29F/none, Ostergotlands Lan)


    wanna go to a concert maybe? :)

  • stace225 (31F/Conyers, GA)


    Maybe a concert, baseball or football game.