First Date Ideas

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  • phantomofme ( 25 / W / San Diego, CA )

    Anything really, a simple hang out, anythin where we can talk and get to know each other better.

  • thesweetgal ( 25 / W / Fuquay Varina, NC )

    It's a first, so I think a picnic at a park. Nothing excessively romantic yet not so overly casual. A "get-to-know-you" type of date where we can talk about anything and everything. Go for a walk around. Museum...  read more>>

  • msthick2001 ( 58 / W / Pittsburg, TX )

    A candlelight dinner and then to a good movie are a play.

  • AriA1314 ( 28 / W / Eagle Mountain, UT )

    Some place where we could get to know each other and still be entertained!

  • AlwaysDreaming ( 33 / W / New York, NY )

    something fun acrade bowling pool out for drinks etc

  • jacjac22 ( 27 / W / Marion, TX )

    I've always wanted to go to a art gallery opening. Maybe a nice dinner after... I'm not picky something simple.

  • Fullbodychic ( 45 / W / Montvale, VA )

    Maybe dinner at a nice restaurant then we could go to a comedy club or other fun venue. Another idea would be lunch then we could visit a museum.

  • wiseguy_55306 ( 45 / M / Burnsville, MN )

    The perfect date would be best left to both of us after hours of getting to know each other over the phone. I would love to plan a hiking trip followed by a safari then finishing the long day relaxing in a villa for the...  read more>>

  • linn32 ( 37 / W / Raleigh, NC )

    My first date would be something like a nice quiet dinner and going somewhere like a museum.

  • CreativeForce ( 49 / W / Alameda, CA )

    Doesn't matter to me. Just talking, hiking, fine dining, bookstore, go see a band - makes no difference to me.

  • thebesinkc ( 39 / M / Kansas City, MO )

    Maybe a nice dinner and movie maybe a walk in the park

  • GottaLuvaLibra ( 38 / W / Philadelphia, PA )

    How about we visit a museum, go out to dinner then take a walk.

  • latinakitten30 ( 35 / W / Philadelphia, PA )

    shall we meet at a art show and talk about the art work plus our self's

  • funkmusic ( 53 / M / Panama City, FL )

    Dinner a move walk on the beach a drive sit and talk get to know one another go to a show

  • mendozacarlos ( 58 / M / New York, NY )

    I will describe it as classic .... i shall be a very fulfilling moment for me... i moment i hope will happen soon.. so help me God