First Date Ideas

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  • cherilynn ( 46 / W / Newark, OH )

    Maybe just go for coffee and chat. you know , learn about each other a bit.

  • Ladyslipper52 ( 56 / W / Fort Washington, MD )

    Meet at a Restraunt or Fun Event

  • SingleDad67 ( 49 / M / Sydney, New South Wales )

    I think the first day clichés have been done to death… do we all really love moonlit walks in the sand that much? Personally I hate sand in my toes!!! And as for long country drives on my Harley… I wouldn’t even t...  read more>>

  • madison2683 ( 32 / W / Albion, PA )

    walk in the park, or over a cup of coffee

  • jazzygirl1962 ( 54 / W / Thomson, GA )

    Sunday Brunch after church would be nice

  • latinalizfl ( 39 / W / Clermont, FL )

    My first date would be something casual like getting coffee.

  • Beezee33 ( 37 / M / Fort Lauderdale, FL )

    Take a walk on the beach or dinner

  • mcangel71 ( 44 / W / Laval, QC )

    a first date as in blind date... In summer time i like to have a pic-nic in the park. Since winter is coming up... I think a coffee Tim's a good introduction spot. If the electricity, butterflies and chemistry is there...  read more>>

  • Stelly ( 53 / M / Lawndale, CA )

    Dinner of course, don't all first dates usually start with dinner?

  • gabriel2012 ( 38 / M / Biddeford, ME )

    dinner and maybe a movie,maybe a long walk or a cup of cofee.take your pick.

  • singleandy ( 49 / W / Brooklyn, NY )

    A first date should be in a nice comfortable public place were both people can get to know each other without pressure. I'm up for suggests.

  • sheliasmith ( 41 / W / Houston, TX )

    going out for move an lunch talking walking get may be riding to know each other window sh oping enjoying getting to know about each other

  • LOVELYNCLADY ( 58 / W / Fayetteville, NC )

    My 1st ideal date would be for a wonderful picnic, I love cooking and would prepare a feast beyond recognition, I will win your heart with all the love I put into a wonderful healthy yet crumptuous meal

  • vstaragzing ( 65 / M / Erie, PA )

    go for a ride, have a snack in a quiet area where we can talk and see what happens

  • chabelo40 ( 58 / W / Villas, NJ )

    Meeting at the beach. With the weather turning so crisp.... I think sitting on a bench and watching the view of the ocean, and talking is romantic