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  • lauralosborne ( 26 / W / Elba, AL )

    Going to the movies and out to dinner and then the park to talk and get ro know each other

  • j4y_bird84 ( 34 / M / Aurora, CO )

    16th St Mall is a wonderful place to just go down to and walk around looking at all the art and beauty of it. There are places to eat and have fun and its all within walking distance, just a high energy place. :)

  • fraser2003 ( 24 / M / Marlow, OK )

    Secluded from everyone, its just me you and nature!

  • countrybarbie88 ( 28 / W / Stephenville, TX )

    I Guess i Would Like My First Date To B Simple Couple Drinks At A Bar A Long Stroll On The Board Walk Getting To Know One Another

  • rose11327 ( 56 / W / Austin, TX )

    I think a first date should be fun and interactive. Somewhere that allows us to have fun and conversation, and not just sit and look at each other with awkward pauses.

  • Kristine2000 ( 53 / W / Denver, CO )

    We take a long drive to the mountians. Window shop thru the town, and have a nice lunch. Sit and talk until the stars come out and walk hand in hand back to the car. Where you give me the first kiss.

  • bigcocl ( 36 / M / Central Point, OR )

    Show a little personality by choosing a clever headline to along walk on beachh

  • allsmile ( 58 / W / Flint, MI )

    Like to meet in a public place to really get to know each other, then take a drive,

  • Eliesha_Branston ( 46 / W / Bismarck, ND )

    you know that for me, i like to be low pressure, but it would be nice to have a candlelite dinner at a denny's, just to be different

  • Majesty ( 38 / W / Chicago, IL )

    All.over Illinois, show me who you are ..

  • KJ1122 ( 41 / W / Manassas, VA )

    Monuments and museums, like MLK, CSI lab, or the Smithsonium. Something diferent.

  • new2013lady ( 47 / W / Beaumont, TX )

    I think a game of pool/billiards a drink and good conversation would be a great first date. If the weather permits maybe fishing and a picnic.

  • Andariel76 ( 41 / M / Hamburg, Hamburg )

    I have no special date idea for a friend, I prefer things spontaneously and not planed. Plans causes useless stress and I want it just relaxed and natural.

  • beachbeauty ( 35 / W / Oceanside, CA )

    Gee, I don't know. Maybe we could meet at the beach or at a cafe.

  • bigjonb82 ( 36 / M / Loyall, KY )

    I like to spend time getting to know my date and go looking at beautiful sights