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  • Kjay118 ( 49F / Ibstock, England - Leicestershire )


    First date is a drink, If we are having a good time we can move on for dinner , if its not a good date then we only have to stay for one

  • Vegasbby ( 31M / Las Vegas, NV )


    I'm a homebody but we can do whatever you like. A movie and dinner

  • wormfortwenty ( 31M / Monroe, GA )


    go to a movie

  • LadyDC1 ( 48F / Mesa, AZ )


    My first dating experience was very romantic. Both of us were, 16 years of age. He picked me up in his older brother's car in a very slick muscle car -black. I remember the engine revving very loudly and he was speeding  Weiter>>

  • msyartiza ( 27F / Uvalde, TX )


    Dinner and a movie and a walk at the park and maybe go for some ice cream

  • jojo313200 ( 25M / Detroit, MI )


    We meet somewhere take it from there

  • tweety2007 ( 24M / Williston, SC )


    tell me about your self while taking a walk on beach

  • Mrsmooth1966NC ( 48M / Charlotte, NC )


    Brunch,At the beach, the Movies.

  • dewwbie ( 36M / Wyoming, MI )


    Well I'm a laid back kind of guy and kind of quiet but respectful at loyal an a freak trying to find the same in a womam n

  • andrew64 ( 49M / Irving, TX )


    I want date thick lady or sprt lady active herself do cook and good dance or ride the motorcycle

  • CurvyCutie87 ( 26F / Los Angeles, CA )


    My first date..... surprise me!!!!

  • mikaylaguzman ( 21F / Jacksonville, FL )


    my first date would be having fun and just having fun.

  • ashleysoflo ( 22F / Fort Lauderdale, FL )


    maybe a walk on the beach or a nice dinner. somewhere where we can talk and get to know eachother

  • kc2324kc ( 28F / Pierceton, IN )


    I don't believe a first date has to be anything fancy....I'm not a fancy person, so as long as it's fun then I'm fine with it....anything from a movie at home to a sporting event or bar....

  • charlieRambo ( 26M / Santa Barbara, CA )


    you'll know when i know.......