First Date Ideas

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  • amyc_21 ( 21 / W / Colchester, England - Essex )

    You get to see how people react to all different stuff when they're focused on something else, you can see their genuine smile from the very start

  • Tas1sweetie ( 37 / W / Bronx, NY )

    I would like somewhere better than the movies. I think that is so boring and old school. Maybe sightseeing or a museum.

  • GERARDLOVING ( 57 / M / CABOOLTURE., Queensland )

    Have a lovely picnic with some lovely cheese, fruit , nice cold meats, some wine or some cider and get to know each other without any distractions. and maybe a drive some where and some ice cream and some flirting if thi...  read more>>

  • jaycee1590 ( 57 / M / Capistrano Beach, CA )

    Somewhere cool and quiet around the world.

  • Drobinson1913 ( 25 / W / Ellenwood, GA )

    I'm not too picky of have an exact first dating idea. I would like to leave that up to my date.

  • ryin2690 ( 36 / M / Utica, MI )

    I'm spontaneous and a last minute planner

  • warrenpeace ( 20 / M / Charlotte, NC )

    Something fun and light like bowling or trying somewhere new to eat

  • Lovelylu80 ( 35 / W / Riverside, CA )


  • mreasily ( 26 / M / Johannesburg, Gauteng )

    I ejaculate so quikly.i was eating it all the NNightlifesweet

  • best1881 ( 41 / M / Cross City, FL )

    I'm game for about any thing don't be a ass hole and we will get along I can treat u like a lady u treat me like a man it all b good

  • Charlie2 ( 36 / W / El Paso, TX )

    Go out for a nature walk to talk and get to know more about each other. Some drinks in a small low key bar downtown. Exchange ideas and have an open conversation.

  • rainbowsixvegas ( 23 / M / Japan )

    Eat any type of japanese food Go to a club Go to an arcade Walk and talk through a park See a movie Idrc what we do Hiking miyajima would be fun

  • MrSubtle ( 41 / M / Philadelphia, PA )

    My ideal first date is something special. Maybe a road trip out of town for dinner and a show.....

  • Deadman808 ( 24 / M / Eden Prairie, MN )

    I'm not picky I'm pretty open to ideas but I'd like the out for coffee idea. Its simple and we can just talk and get to know one another

  • Hershey357 ( 36 / M / Aberdeen, MD )

    Get straight to the main objective.Fill our stomachs and then then our sexual desire.Or we can eat after because I know that we will work up a appetite.