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Darstellende Künste Treten Sie jetzt bei und teilen Sie Ihre Erstes-Date-Vorschläge
Makeing love after a great meal , Ready for Desert
Ok, so I know my favorite place for a date is a renaissance festival, but since ...
I would love to get dinner and see a show of some sort. Whether it be a concert,...
Take toubtobmybhouse so we can do alittle something , or head to your place
Aku ingin bertemu dg mu d mato coffy
My idea for a first date is at the theater.
.movies .anything wiyh animals. a festival dancing comedy club quite specia...
dont give three crap about this move on to the next question
Only one way to find out. You'll see my type of performing art lol
I don't have one :( I havent been on a date in over 2yrs
the first date would be a dinner and movie
Go to Dinner & Movie, for a Walk at the park
We go to dinner, then go watch a good play
A first date should be light and fun. Just go as 2 friends and see what happens....
It would be a dressy date but not formal. You would come to my home to pick me u...