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I've always sort of wanted to dress up in pompous, nineteenth-century attire (yo...
go to a restaurant that neither of us have been to and then go from there.
A nice stroll through a sunny park with a ice cream
Great conversation. Flirting. Brush of hand across the leg. The soft kiss!
A small dinner and maybe a walk
Out to lunch/dinner to a place neither of us have gone to and then maybe a strol...
I prefer a first date be somewhere quiet and intimate so that my date and I have...
My first date will be dinner and a movie and also a nice walk sharing our though...
Would love to have dinner somewhere nice and quiet, attend a comedy show, concer...
2 do the things that adults do.If wine and dine is enjoyable 2 do then lets do t...
We would meet op for tapas and a drink. And end up talking and eating in a nice ...
I really love to cook, and am very skilled at it, so it would be great to connec...
Public for one but the movies and dinner has been done to death I rather we cook...
Let's try something completely new...and maybe even a little crazy!
My first date preferred are happy hour or take a coffee. Should like me meeting ...