First Date Ideas

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  • Trekker1958 ( 58 / M / Atlanta, GA )

    Let's meet over a coffee or tea so we can get acquainted

  • Peaches65 ( 51 / W / Washington Court House, OH )


  • manwhiskers ( 42 / M / Austin, TX )

    First date might be anything. Depends on what's happening. Definitely some place where we could get to know each other. Where we can hear each other. Drinks are always good. Coffee at Epoch. Maybe swoop on in to a hoppin...  read more>>

  • Butt3rfly ( 46 / W / Scottsdale, AZ )

    Meet at a coffee shop, see if there is chemistry and go from there

  • Sevenofnintynine ( 51 / M / Harlow, England - Essex )

    Meet for a coffee or tea and see how we get on. And go from there, no pressure

  • Joy1961 ( 55 / W / Canton, MI )

    Meet over coffee and get acquainted.

  • Jrt1987 ( 29 / W / Harvey, IL )

    It doesn't have to be anything elaborate but definitely would like to try something new together, whether trying a new restaurant or a new activity.

  • lovelifesong ( 35 / W / Baltimore, MD )

    A really great conversation. Good music or an interesting movie. Easy, low-key and honest.

  • yeselainewood ( 53 / W / Jacksonville, FL )

    Meet me for a cup of coffee or lemonade. Let's talk and get to know one another. If we connect, great! If not, I can never have too many friends. :)

  • Gayle888 ( 46 / W / Brisbane, Queensland )

    I think for the first date, it's nice to just catch up for a coffee and a good chat, to get to know each other.

  • wmward ( 48 / M / West Palm Beach, FL )

    Chat or e-mail and in time talk one the phone and see where it goes from there..

  • nawtytiger ( 47 / M / Kirkcaldy, Scotland - Fife )

    How about having a cup of coffee and then we take a walk down the street and go to the pub and we can play pool

  • HufflepuffSeeker ( 36 / W / Attleboro, MA )

    Tea or coffee while we talk about interests perhaps the last good book we read or movie we watched. Alternately, a game of mini golf.

  • jayme1861 ( 46 / M / Saint Paul, MN )

    would like to meet at a cafe for coffee or lunch like paneras and etc and get to know one another and talk and see where it goes from there

  • Foxgal22 ( 60 / W / Foxboro, MA )

    I would like our first date to be at a coffee shop. It should last less than an hour, unless we really hit it off. I think it's all about finding chemistry together. If the chemistry is not there, we move on. But if it i...  read more>>