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Relationship or FWB? 316 Views 08/15/15

Is this mostly a hookup site or are there still people on here who search for love?

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No preference? Yeah, right. 205 Views 04/04/15

I joined another dating site. Guys on there all have "no preference" when it comes to body type. But, when it comes down to it, that's a bunch of BS. 


I think I should just make my ID name something like "really_fat_and_not_kidding" in order to actually weed out those who don't understand what "big & beautiful" means.


I'm just grousing right now.  Ignore me.

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Crush Addiction 272 Views 01/05/14

I am officially addicted to Candy Crush. I hate the stupid game. It irritates me and drives me mad. Yet, I continue playing.  I'm a cheapskate so, I won't pay for any add-ons or extras. But, I'm as addicted as a cheapskate could be. 

Anyone else in the same boat?

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The Familiar 84 Views 12/11/13

I've tried other sites. I've ignored this one for some time. But, tonight I realized (as I lay staring at the ceiling and praying for sleep) that the people who I've met through this site are the ones that seem to linger in my life. 

So, I'm back to wander through the site for a while. Maybe I'll find some lingerer or another. 

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CAPS lock 219 Views 06/06/10
Just out of curiosity...Why is the use of all capital letters so prevalent lately? Not just on LF but on other sites and in emails, I've seen an increase in the use of all caps. I pointed it out to someone at work the other day after receiving my 3rd all-caps email. She said she hadn't noticed. Is it just me again or does someone else also see the Capitalization Epidemic? LOL ;-)
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Fat is not an excuse 575 Views 05/23/10
I have a coworker who likes to use her size as an excuse for not getting things done. She says: she can't file because she's too big to stand for long or bend over and over she can't walk to the copy machine because she's too big she can't help carry boxes because she's going to be out of breath The list goes on and on. Now, before you start flaming me, stop and hear my side... I'm a big girl too. She might be 2 dress sizes bigger than me. She's less than 5 jears my senior. She doesn't smoke. So, by all accounts, I understand that there are stresses to being a big girl and that we have our limits. But, I believe that to be seen as a productive workplace citizen, you have to either suck it up and do the work or quit. She's not in a wheelchair. She's not collecting disability. She's able to run when there's food involved. Am I wrong for expecting that if she wants to be a big girl, she will do the same work other big girls do? Or, am I missing some key point about being able to use your fat/weight as an excuse? Please share thoughts.
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If only... 125 Views 05/16/10
I got my ass chewed at work today. Now if only they literally chewed it off, I'd be the skinniest chick there. I'm trying to make light of a crappy situation. Anyone want to share another "if only...?"
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Looking for Work 172 Views 05/09/10
I think I shared too many of my frustrations at work this week. The team doesn't seem too concerned with anything except pointing fingers and avoiding the firing finger. As much as I love what I do, I think it's time to start looking for something else before the fickle firing finger lands on me. What's the job market *reallllly* looking like out there?
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Cheap? Frugal? Thrifty? 87 Views 04/23/10
I was chuckling at the last blog when folks were saying commenting that they're cheap/frugal/thrifty when it comes to clothes. I must admit that I'm that way too. I love to look nice. I don't have to be all glam with hair and nails "did" but I do need to have my hair combed and my clothes clean. I don't dry clean anything. I don't spend too much on any one item (unless it's something I've been wanting since childhood and I can finally afford to get it). I'm just too practical to spend too much. The thrill of the hunt is always more fun for me. My kid has 17 thousand shirts with death and skulls and the Reaper because I love to find the darn things on sale at clearance stores, not because I will go out and pay $20+ for a t-shirt at a dept store. I've got 30 pairs of shoes because I love to find clearance shoes that I can wear and look cute. (I've got shoes in 2-3 size ranges for just this reason.) If you look in our pantry, you'll find the store brands outnumber the name brands. And, you can probaby bet that the name brands were purchased during a sale -- with a coupon. Of course, we save money in many areas but we spend it just as freely in others. So, I'm not a miser. I just have areas where I refuse to spend too much. Are any of you quirky spenders? Do you have some money-saving tips you'd like to share?
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Fat Clothes 333 Views 04/10/10
OK, folks... I can't be the only one... How many folks have a variety of sizes hanging in the closet? I've got about 4 sizes hanging in my closet. Some of it has to do with the fact that women's clothing cuts are never the same from manufacturer to manufacturer. But, some of it has to do with monthly bloating or trips to the buffet. Is it just me?
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Insole testimonials? 80 Views 04/05/10
Has anyone tried any shoe inserts or insoles that they've really liked? I've been tempted to try the new Dr. Scholl's machines but I'm leery of breaking it by standing on it(lol). I need arch support and I want to invest in something that actually works for someone other than the folks on the infomercials. So, if anyone has something that's worked, can you please share?
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Vacation Let Down 101 Views 03/21/10
Is it just me or does the last day of a vacation always seem kind of depressing? I've been off work for a few days and the thought of going back tomorrow is not perking me up at all. Do others experience the same let-down when returning to work? I'm taking souvenirs to work with me and posting them around my desk in a desperate effort to hang on to some of the happiness of my vacation. But, it's still not bringing a smile to my face to think of going back to work. *sigh* Hope you all have a good Monday!
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Gray Hair 188 Views 03/11/10
I started graying when I was 13. I've always had a few strays that stayed hidden well. Over the last few years, Miss Clairol and I have become very good friends, though. I think (most) men look really good with a little gray at the temples or a few grays in the beard. But, with men who have long hair, I just think it makes them look old -- and in denial. I have that same feeling about women with gray, though. When the hair is short and groomed, I think a woman with gray hair looks good. But, put that same woman in long gray hair and it's a major turnoff. My ex used to tell me that he didn't like me to dye my gray. He wanted a "mature" look. But, I continued to dye anyway since I would prefer to look no older than I am. So, as I once again made my acquaintances with Miss C, I wondered to myself... What does the rest of the world think of gray hair? So, as someone who's going to fight old age and gray hair for a while, I am wondering what your opinions are.
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How do you relax? 180 Views 03/06/10
I've been having a very stressful time at work lately. When I come home, I have a hard time de-stressing. My tub is too small to drown myself in a sea of bubbles. My checkbook can't sustain my shopping therapy. My jeans can't handle eating therapy (don't judge me! lol). I don't want to drink regularly. It's been too cold to go walking lately. Even my old stand-by of losing myself in jigsaw puzzles isn't having its usual effects. So, I guess it's time to ask what everyone else does to de-stress. What simple relaxaton techniques do you use to help wash away a bad day (or week, or year)? I'd love to hear ideas so I can try something new.
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Projection 72 Views 02/25/10
Projection -- (noun) the tendency to ascribe to another person feelings, thoughts, or attitudes present in oneself, or to regard external reality as embodying such feelings, thoughts, etc., in some way. Tell the truth and shame the devil. It's a fact that all women are human. It's a fact that all women are women. Beyond that, there are very few universals when it comes to women. For instance, I cannot say that it's a fact that all women have 2 legs because there are some women who have undergone amputations, who were born without one or both legs, or who were born with extra leg(s). Further, I cannot say that it's a fact that all women were born women because there are transgendered women. Neither can I say that all women will have children because of infertility, sterilization, and life-long virginity. I acknowledge and accept that there are women out in the universe who do not share my physical attributes, personality traits, education, etc., etc., etc. I know this. You know this. But we cant expect everyone to know this. Why do I say all this? Well, it's because it kind of saddens me when adults use the excuse that "everyone does it" to make an argument. I know that the person making the statement is projecting personal flaws and personal habits onto others. I know that projection is a defense mechanism employed to make it seem as though a personal quirk is universal. It's just kind of depressing. I stand before the world and accept that my viewpoints are my own. I accept that my blogs are my own and that all statements are products of my own twisted brainwaves. I also admit to the fact that I have flaws. But, what I won't accept is that my flaws are also yours, readers, nor that yours are mine. Why? Because I'm not a projector. I am not a mirror. I am just another imperfect, unique human being...just like everyone else.
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Smurfing Smurf Smurf! 176 Views 02/21/10
Are you old enough to remember the Smurfs? If not, then this blog is wasted on you. If you are, then you may recall their smurfity habit of replacing odd words with some form of "smurf." I think they may have been the inspiration for Snoop's "Fo' Shizzle" speech, but I can't prove it. Anyway... I find that even though a good curse word is often called for at work, I can't seem to get the HR dept to agree with me. So, I've taken to using smurfisms (such as the title) to express myself at work. Granted, people stare at me. However, I would rather have them stare than report me. So, it led me to wonder if anyone else has developed words or phrases they utter in "polite society" to replace the curse words they're thinking. So, what say you, group? Do you have any alternate phrases or smurfisms that you use to censor yourself? And if so, can you share some?
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Get a counselor! 150 Views 02/15/10
We all have our own little habits and quirks. When we meet a mate, we either accept another person's quirks and issues or we tell them to seek a counselor. I have all kinds of friends with so many issues that we must all find one another through the Loser Beacon that's invisible to normal folks. My friends include cutters, alkies, pot smokers, smokers, OCD-ers, etc. etc. etc. Where would you draw the line for someone with whom you were involved?
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Valentine's Day Baubles 92 Views 02/14/10
Past or present...What was the best thing you ever received for Valentine's Day? What was the worst?
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Gifts 85 Views 02/09/10
When I'm out shopping, I stumble across things that are perfect for someone in my life so, I buy it. It doesn't matter what the item (shampoo, trinkets, clothes...anything), I will buy it if I can afford it and it calls someone's name. My sister drops things off at my house now and then that she buys for me. I usually have a bag of things for her to take with her filled with things I've purchased for her. My ex used to think it was strange. He never bought anything for anyone except for bdays and Xmas. He believed you had to have a reason to buy a gift or it wasn't special. I believe every present is special. I appreciate when my sis buys me a bottle of my fave shampoo just as much as most women appreciate jewelry. I get all fuzzy-warm with the smallest gifts. (I think it comes from growing up broke.) Do you believe that there has to be a special occasion or a minimum dollar amount spent for something to qualify as a "gift?" Do you have a theory about gifts and gift-giving?
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Losing my star 85 Views 02/03/10

My month of free membership is expiring soon and I'm not in too big a hurry to score another free month so, I'm losing my star soon.  I'll keep bugging everyone with my random blog thoughts, though. 

I must admit that I didn't really see the benefits of a preferred membership. Sure, you can see who's seen you but, you still can't see how long it's been since folks logged in if over a month.  So, I guess I'll have a blinking star - picking up a free membership now and then. If you think less of me, please keep that to yourself.  :-)

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