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The inner ramblings of a BBW with a dreamer's heart!

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Searching .... 279 Angesehen 04/20/13

It seems like I've been at it for years now...searching for someone who is actually interested not only in me for me but in a real relationship. Why is it that dating sites and clubs only make you feel like you aren't good enough for others to really want to get to know you not just get in your pants as fast as physically possible? I do not get it and it's emotionally exhausting.

Call me a dreamer but I feel like it shouldn't be this hard to find someone who sees the value and worth in you and wants to be there. Someone who enjoys your smiles, your laughs, the little things that make you you. Someone who geniunely doesn't want to spend the rest of their life jumping from bed to bed and half the time thinking up excuses to cut and run.

I joined this site because I thought maybe if I start with a group of people that are all shapely like myself there is less judgement and more acceptance that it would give me a chance of finding that person. So here is to hoping ... to finding a guy who is true and geniunely interested in me as a person.

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