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The blogs provide you the opportunity to share your life experiences and topics of interest with other members. Blogging is a great ice-breaker, allowing you and others to get acquainted. (Personal ads, advertisements of products or services, or any personal contact information are not allowed.)

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Is it just me or? Zenzell 9 05/01
VOTE FOR ME.. A TRUE PLUS SIZE DIVA MissPlusSizedBeauty 28 05/01
King of Seinfeld Trivia.....R U out there? ... Grecian_Goddess 10 04/30
Does anyone read anymore?? nyqueen 17 04/28
Whats the most desirable qualities you look ... MISOZI 139 04/14
Easter snuggly1 68 04/16
hi curvy!! greenbarry 94 04/06
Welcome, 2 MzLegz World ms_suzyq 31 04/25
Large Unshaven Women jordanrichards 675 04/14
is any good guys out there. yoursexymama44089 7 04/25
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Is romance really dead? alostbbw 19 04/25
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