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The blogs provide you the opportunity to share your life experiences and topics of interest with other members. Blogging is a great ice-breaker, allowing you and others to get acquainted. (Personal ads, advertisements of products and services, personal contact information, and other objectionable items are not allowed as provided in our Service Agreement.)

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new member in Pasadena looking for friend & ... breastlover34... 97 04/01
Just wondering dramai... 55 04/01
Got Blog? VeniVi... 62 03/31
*die*t StarEnig... 215 03/31
Deep & Wide- hmmmmmmm mmm4spi... 625 03/31
I'm Jealous Again bucky20... 249 03/31
i dont know nicki1003... 41 03/31
Going Out on a Limb ncmom... 92 03/31
Well ... LudicrousLucif... 36 03/31
Got Blog? VeniVi... 121 03/30
Do I dare? Sherry31... 77 03/30
Ahhh!!!!!!!!! removed_TheCurvyTigere... 68 03/30
KNOW WHAT YOU WANT AND NEED moonlightla... 152 03/30
Just a little StarEnig... 69 03/30
lunchtime LudicrousLucif... 90 03/30
Cool Beans! StarEnig... 166 03/29
thought I would give this a try. removed_TheCurvyTigere... 378 03/29
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