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The blogs provide you the opportunity to share your life experiences and topics of interest with other members. Blogging is a great ice-breaker, allowing you and others to get acquainted. (Personal ads, advertisements of products and services, personal contact information, and other objectionable items are not allowed as provided in our Service Agreement.)

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Dreaming of summer fun airem... 52 04/07
Yay! Three Day Weekend StarEnig... 54 04/06
hi curvy!! greenbar... 95 04/06
Just an observation airem... 59 04/06
I'm Happy removed_TheCurvyTigere... 51 04/06
Profile Wrong! sweetsfory... 125 04/06
It's all about the fit airem... 178 04/05
Fix the Blog Bug toket... 88 04/05
is the WAIT due to the WEIGHT ? ? ? airem... 438 04/05
I've met someone... Tis... 189 04/04
Body Image StarEnig... 126 04/04
Gripping... removed_TheCurvyTigere... 104 04/04
My weekend removed_TheCurvyTigere... 43 04/04
My Blog? Mr... 55 04/03
Rain beautiful Rain! VeniVi... 37 04/03
You Learn StarEnig... 48 04/03
The shock - and another "dissie" LudicrousLucif... 163 04/03
BBW Barbie toket... 887 04/03
Icecream Licker! VeniVi... 192 04/02
why not? martyp19... 38 04/02
Got Blog? VeniVi... 36 04/01
So Sad StarEnig... 103 04/01
New Rule???? toket... 440 04/01
What women want most easymon... 614 04/01
These Days Sherry31... 34 04/01
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What's Up with a Full-Length Photo Fetish? And with weight?
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