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Being right and being real jonesp... 146 06/19
Anyone around? truefriendin... 137 06/19
300 in less than 30 minutes jonesp... 217 06/16
How about a southern meet and greet? Babycakes... 117 06/15
My Friends Metro PCS Drama jonesp... 65 06/14
"What a day, what a day you should've ... mikecgillm... 146 06/08
lookin by dee yellowcutiep... 76 05/21
Ohmygod! Have I ben living under a rock!? Ohmygod! ... mikecgillm... 247 05/21
new member keemo... 119 05/15
Hope Remains - Repost...Now you can see it. ... LonelyIn... 147 05/13
Life. Such as it is... mikecgillm... 61 05/11
GIT Babycakes... 127 05/09
I pose a question with this thought. Let's ... mikecgillm... 148 05/04
been gone so long ravern20... 192 05/03
So young, so far to go. Enjoy the ride! mikecgillm... 64 05/02
Work in Progress? hollaatyagu... 98 04/30
REASON FOR BEING HERE msbigthi... 378 04/29
Well we finely spoke about it all and I have ... mikecgillm... 155 04/29
Are you ever unsure? hollaatyagu... 99 04/29
to ask why... mikecgillm... 67 04/26
Where are all the good people? hollaatyagu... 159 04/26
Young, Dumb, !!!!!!!!! hollaatyagu... 187 04/26
Been awhile... mikecgillm... 84 04/24
Three Little Pigs.. AbzWayne's Joke AbzWay... 48 04/24
Morning birds Jele... 77 04/21
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BBW just wanting to chat
wheres the love for us big teddy bears
None of Us is Perfect (I already know I'm not, by the way)
Interested or wasting my time
Do men want to be seen with bbw?
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wheres the love for us big teddy bears
Interested or wasting my time
BBW just wanting to chat
None of Us is Perfect (I already know I'm not, by the way)
Are there "Older" Premium Members.??
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Life Without Affection.