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youtube mossburg(called up) yoneckyoback 16 04/03
USA news reporter make me laugh sometimes Madhorse 12 04/02
What would you do if your mate is far from ... Madhorse 37 03/26
Profiles !!!! things you should know Madhorse 58 03/19
Comments in profiles do they really work?? Madhorse 13 03/17
Extrange requests Madhorse 23 03/15
how responsive i must be for not scaring peopl ... Madhorse 23 03/13
any Brampton area women here BBWluver4u 26 03/13
The touch on go situation Madhorse 8 03/12
Dating and knowing somebody from another countr ... Madhorse 17 03/10
Making love or sex a thin line between the ... Madhorse 39 03/08
Becoming a Premium User is it worth it?? Madhorse 41 03/07
Dating sites; is it worth the time?? Madhorse 17 03/07
Courtesy has just left the building Madhorse 9 03/07
Scammer what f***** is this Madhorse 83 03/07
Crush Addiction naught_bbw 156 01/05
One Year older and many lessons wiser Giftologist 133 12/12
The Familiar naught_bbw 53 12/11
looking for black ssbbw/bbw in beloit,wi. canedy 63 12/01
where the plus size , bbw ladies at? bbwluvinguy 311 11/07
lookin for love dontjudgeme87 90 10/30
WHAT ARE YOU SEEKING ON HERE msbigthick 128 10/17
WHO'S IN NJ? msbigthick 135 10/17
Freaks only Daddylong2005 201 09/11
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 Scammer what f***** is thi ...
 What would you do if your ...
 Making love or sex a thin ...
 how responsive i must be ...
 Extrange requests
 USA news reporter make me ...
 Profiles !!!! things you ...

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 Making love or sex a thin line between ...
 Scammer what f***** is this
 Becoming a Premium User is it worth it? ...
 USA news reporter make me laugh sometime ...
 youtube mossburg(called up)
 What would you do if your mate is far ...
 Profiles !!!! things you should know