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Posted on Dec 11, 2006 at 02:30 PM

When your desire for me becomes real, my thoughts are of you and the passion I feel. When your sweet voice tells me you want me, my thoughts are let's take it further and see. When your warm breath whispers in my ear, my thoughts are only of holding you near. When your soft lips tenderly kiss mine, my thoughts are how you taste sweeter than wine. When your strong arms wrap around me so tight, my thoughts are only of being in them all night. When your rugged hands feel my soft breasts, my thoughts are of wanting you to feel all the rest. When your eager touch makes me so hot and wet, my thoughts are of giving you all you can get. When your hungry tongue makes my body quiver, my thoughts are how my honey flows like a river. When you're deep inside me easing slowly in and out, my thoughts are of how we'll be together no doubt. When our strong passions reach their highest high, my thought is ~ not a thought for no other have I.

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