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Beautiful Heart part 2 Posted on May 12, 2006 at 04:41 PM
This follows the blog titled "What does your heart look like"? In all our imperfections, there is beauty. If only mankind could all learn to see through inner eyes and not only what is seen on the surface, there would not be as much heartache. To all my friends here at LF... I gladly offer a piece of my heart. Have a wonderful and safe weekend!
What Does Your Heart Look Like? Posted on May 12, 2006 at 04:33 PM
A very handsome, well built man came into a small town, proudly showing off the most perfect of hearts there was to be found. He proudly displayed the mass of muscle deep within his chest for all to see and dared anyone to find a more perfect heart than his own. The towns folk gathered round and stared in disbelief at the wonder before them and wished they could have a heart such as his. Across the cobblestone street, a tired old man made his way through the crowd to have a better look at the younger mans heart. With a crooked smile, he agreed that it was indeed a fine specimin, but that his own heart was far more beautiful. In shock, the handsome man demanded to see the heart that could possibly be more perfect than his own. Without hesitation, the old man opened his shirt to reveal a tattered and torn heart that occasionally skipped a beat. Laughing loudly, the younger man exclaimed how ugly the old mans heart was, and how dare he compare such a thing to his own. He asked how this joke of a person could possibly think that an old beaten and worn thing like that could be seen as more beautiful? The old man smiled and pointed to a small discolored patch. See this? This is where I gave a piece of my heart to an old widow who had lost her family to sickness. She gave me a piece of her heart in return. And this one here... this was from a small boy who's puppy had died and I helped to bury it with him. This hole here is where I gave a piece to a farner who gladly took, but gave nothing in return...but thats okay. You see, your heart may be perfect in your eyes, but to me, it looks lonely. The younger man listened as his eyes misted with tears. He reached into his chest and tore loose a small piece, offering it to the old man, who quickly traded for a piece of his own. The younger man looked upon his heart with its new ill fitted piece. The old man smiled and said... Now That is a beautiful heart.
Can you See the Difference??? Posted on Apr 08, 2006 at 10:59 PM
This is in honor of the gazillion posts regarding how "large" people are no different than thin people... etc. (PS... its supposed to make you laugh, in case you try to take this serious!) Two lady friends prepare for summer by visiting the local tanning salon. Its a busy day and being good buddies, they both go into the vacant "couple room" so they dont have to wait. One gal is thin, the other large. Both disrobe and quickly climb into the futuristic space tube, pulling the lid down over the top of them. Through the crack, the larger lady peeks over at her friend who lays comfortably in her 'cryo-chamber' and dozes as she soaks in her million watts of radiation. The larger lady wiggles as she trys to adjust her legs, which are already begining to sweat. They squeek across the plexi-glass as though she had just ripped one. Coughing loudly to cover the mistaken sound, the larger lady see's her friend raise her arms over her head to make sure she gets even color in her arm pits. Thinking this to be a good idea, the large lady raises her arms. In moments, this idea proves to be bad as the flesh about her throat threatens to choke her. Then she realises her arm pits are still not receiving the costly doses of fake sun rays, because her bo*bs have left her chest and were now hiding in the hollow of each pit. Wanting to put her arms back down, the larger lady wriggles into a new position, creating yet another squeek delivered from the now sweaty butt crack. This suddenly reminds her that she had forgotten to spread her cheeks a bit. Previous visits had taught her that she would have a bright white crack, where her cheeks smooshed together,if she forgot. Working up a greater sweat, she finally back into position, with her boobs being securely held into place by keeping her arms held tightly against her body, when the timer goes off. The thinner woman climbs effortlessly out of the bed and towels off her lightly dewed skin, while the larger friend rolls from the bed to one knee as the top nearly falls atop her head. Trying to stand quickly, and not so gracefully, she realises that she has accomplished, one again, to continue the tradition of the white cresent shaped moones beneath her butt, between the small rolls of back fat, and of course, in her arm pits. Mercy me !!!! Now tell me there is no difference... LMBO. Need another example???
Fix the Blog Bug Posted on Apr 05, 2006 at 07:28 AM
Okay... I know there are times that my ramelings can be a bit over the top... but do they have to go and just disappear??? I posted a blog yesterday for the specific reason of making Venivici laugh, it was there this morning, but in duplicates for some odd reason. So I deleted the copy, only to discover that they are BOTH missing now. Some help here Tech Support???
BBW Barbie Posted on Apr 03, 2006 at 03:47 AM
I dont know about you all, but I get rather tired of the way society looks and/or treats heavier people. It's so often assumed that if your heavy, your a 'pig' and spend your day stuffing your face with food and sweets. Even something as simple as the little "try me" tables in Costco where if you dare test the product you get glares and glances as if to say, 'do you really think you need that bite'? Ring a bell? Society needs to be more educated on weight issues. For some, it's genetic, for others it's health issues. There are numerous reasons. Nor should it be assumed that heavy people are lazy. Some heavy people can run circles around their skinny counterparts. Society trys to teach us whats right and wrong. Magazines and commercials show us what is considered 'sexy'. Even down to our childrens dolls, such as the whole "Bratz" collections... then there is of course good ole' Barbie. I doubt we'll ever see a BBW Barbie on the shelf.
New Rule???? Posted on Apr 01, 2006 at 02:02 PM
Is there some new rule written somewhere that I am unaware of? Why is it that 90% of the emails, grams, or instant messages from men all begin with "Hi baby"? I dont know about other women, but it annoys me beyond descriptive words. First of all, I'm not your 'baby'. Second of all, pet names are meant to be earned, not just slapped on any woman out there, otherwise... do you really think it's going to mean anything special to your girl when you use it on her? Thirdly, by using the term so loosely, you have just inadvertetly catagorized yourself into the HNG's hall of fame. For those of you who dont know the widely used net term... it means, Horny Net Geek. Please gentleman, if all your wanting is a piece of cyber@ss, then by all means, keep it up. If you really want to impress the ladies who are serious about meeting their mate for life... give us a wee bit more respect and use a little more class when your first getting in contact. The fun and games and cutesy comments come after we know you are for real and not just out to squirt your monitor.