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I had a super weekend. I spent Friday with my sister helping her clear Scotch Broom on her farm. Then Saturday I cleaned. Sunday I cleaned some more and made my best friend peanut butter cookies because it was his birthday. He came over while I baked them and visited so it was really nice. Then today was my annual review at work. Most of it was okay. Except one part where they listed customer abuse as one of my shortcomings....I wasn't sure what that meant so my manager went all through my file and to the best of our knowledge it stemmed from an incident when I didn't escort a secret shopper to an item three feet away. I don't know by what stretch of the imagination that constitutes customer abuse. I theorize that one of the managers who disliked me and has since left (who is responsible for a bad shop being listed as that)was looking for grounds to terminate and was embellishing. So all the more reason to seek employment elsewhere once the loan closes on my house. Hopefully that will happen before the end of the month. I'll keep my fingers crossed anyway.

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