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I have been reading and thinking... You know it's not about size really. It's about how you feel about yourself. If you feel ashamed of your size it's going to show in your interactions with people and it's going to drive away people who might be interested. I'm saying this to myself as well as everyone else. Here is a little story to illustrate my point...it's even true. I one time aimed for a very coveted position at my job. Only a few people get to work that department and they picked me. I was over the moon! I decided to go out to celebrate. I went to a bar and because I was in such a great mood I joked with the bar tender...flirted with everyone. It wasn't long before the cutest guy attached himself to me for the night. We had dinner. We had drinks. He didn't get any. He even came to my work the next day to go out with me again. I felt really confident and people are drawn to that. Size didn't even come into play. So when the afterglow of a promotion wore off...I went back to being myself. Right now I feel pretty good about who I am. I look in the mirror and there are things I'd like to change but I'm working on that.

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