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A rhyme for the night... Posted on Aug 09, 2010 at 05:30 AM
Your pride caught my eye The way you stand on this earth The depth of your smile That sensuality, flowing like the Nile The impulses your curves provoke in me Your earthiness, the smell of the sandalwood tree This might be why you left me…longing The way your hips draw my eye The way your lips shine in the light How I long to trace your curves How I long to share more than words This might be why you left me…longing
On the Train... Posted on Aug 09, 2010 at 05:05 AM
We’re all getting busier…so how do we meet people? Years ago I caught the train to work every day – a three-hour round trip in cramped carriages. The mind-numbing commute though had its odd advantage if a beautiful woman happened to be nearby. There were the great journeys where one could strike up a conversation – you’d notice the book she was reading, the ringtone on her phone or something similar. Such attention to detail might be considered strange, but after a while there’s an unspoken ettiquite that it can be okay. And then, there were the tantalising trips where someone you’d loooove to talk to might be sitting a few seats away and you’d be trying to strike eye contact. Occasionally, it might work – which would make for an even more tantalising hope that you both might get off at the same station and find a few minutes for a conversation and a swapping of emails or similar! One day I spotted a gorgeous woman on the carriage. After alighting together we ended up sharing coffee while her next train waited; before we kissed deeply and sweetly – the kiss of two people who had only just met and yearned to know more. It would be, alas, close to the pinnacle of our shared experience. Often, where times didn’t align so much; the problem was always that, after stepping out of the cocoon of the train carriage, the sheer mathematical probability of ever bumping into one another again would be minute. As, all too often, it was. And of course, there’s always the awkward “will-I-or-won’t-I” say something. Do they actually want to hear from me? Playing on the side of caution, I probably missed little but then, I probably kept myself from freaking more people out! So, here’s to those simultaneously tantalising and awkward moments on the train. To the people and characters whose lovely conversations still flit in my memory. I hope you’ve all found great things along the line of life!