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Blog title: looking for sexy witty bbw's
Blog description: I'm a young 23yr old guy. I've been crazy about BBW's and SSBBW's since I can remember. I believe a woman should be curvy, sexy and comfy in her own skin. For me its a huge turn on when I walk past a gorgeous bbw. Problem is, I'm too shy to approach her and say 'hi, how are you.'. How do I build up my confidence and tell the big beautiful woman that she has gorgeous features, charming, and that I'm interested in getting to know her little bit better. Help please.....
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young sexy man looking for bbw love Posted on Thu, Jan 03, 2013 00:00
In need of some expert advice, perhaps someone out there that been in same situations as me. I am a little shy at this, but I'm looking for a loving, caring bbw.
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