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My weekend included seeing relatives I don't know at a wake. Getting the number from a relative of a place that pays good wages only to find out online their not hiring for the positions I am qualified for. Eating at Ryan's on the way home with my parents and brother from the wake only to see a storm blow in and find out about tornado's touching down... some close by but no damage to our place, thank god. A friend with issues texting me. And last of all no electricity from the moment we git home on Sunday till 3am on Monday. I really want a different job... and a different life. At this rate I am not only want a vacation but also a good romp in the hay just to relax... I NEED A MAN... Or just a vibrator, chocolate, and a good book. Oh and anyone have a underground missile silo to sell?... If i make that my house then I don't have to worry about stupid tornado's.

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