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Posted on Mon, Apr 24, 2006 09:24

Ok,so everyone has listen to me gripe on this thing... It is after all my best form of amusment, gripping and laughing at how dumb and boring my little escapades in life are. But this weekend really amused me. I always gripe about guys not noticing me, well I got noticed this weekend. I went and checked out the band GTO (an oldies groupe) with my friends... I thought it would be another boring night but I ended up being hit on by two men. One was dirty (can't a guy clean up before going to the bar, I mean YUCK!) the other one drunk, I mean really drunk. The dirty one tried to git me to dance... no thanks. The drunk one asked me if I was his girl... I don't know you, how can I be your girl?... he looked disapointed then complimented me on my outfit (short shorts whith a black top with a round neck that scoops very low in the back with a lace insert and elbow lenght sleaves. Oh, and high heal black sneakers)and then hugged me and kissed my ear. I wasen't shure if I should say something or laugh at my tendency to attract drunks. Anyways I of course left the bar alone, sobber. I even had made a joke with my friends earlyer in the evening that if anything happens, which it usually dosn't, I have my shapeware with the built in panties on (I need a new one, the one I have is the wrong size... dosn't hold me in much)and that it was a good enough chastity belt to keep me from trouble... I guess It worked, I didn't do anything... even though he was hot.

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Posted on Mon, Aug 21, 2006 17:20

lol...This really reminded me of a drunken night I had once, that involved a really TIGHT girdle, but there's no way in hell I'm posting it. ((But thanks for the memory!)) lol...what a night.

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