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Posted on May 09, 2006 at 09:05 PM

I recieved a nice, polite message on myspace from a guy in Tacoma a few days ago asking if he could add me as his friend and hopefully get to know me a little more...Well, after exchanging phone numbers, we chatted some and were beginning to get to know one another...Well, I go to call the dork tonight to see what he was up to but he didn't answer. So then, a few minutes later I get a call back from his house phone...I pick up only to hear a female voice who proceeded to tell me that her BOYFRIEND was not single, and that they had been together for only a month or so. So, I have deleted everything from him and I will no longer be in contact with this jerk-face EVER AGAIN. All I ever seem to attract are LOSERS who think I'm some type of stupid, trashy chick who will take what she can get. Just because I am not a size 4 doesn't mean I'm never going to meet a really awesome guy someday. And, I know it seems silly for me to say something like that, but just based off of observation, [some] men seem to have this funny notion in their minds that "big girls" have really low self-esteem. Well, newsflash guys, I am not one of those women. Hello? Do I give off that vibe or something? I've really had a problem with this laitly... Which leads me to believe I may never meet the man of my dreams and I will end of settling for less than what I know I'm worth (someone smack me if that happens, please). This has to be the most frustrating thing in my life so far. I'm beginning to really see what I want out of life, discovering EXACTLY who I am, learning more about myself everyday...I just don't understand what I've done to deserve this type of negative feedback. I am not a bad person, I try so hard to apply the golden rule to every single part of my life, but it just never seems to pay off.

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