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Blog title: i no im crazy but i like it
Blog description: 2day just seems to b dragging!!! its only lunchtime and i feel like i could just hide away in ma bed(i wish!!) lol was up at 6 made his luch(not like get a thx) then made my sons easter bonnet with him. 1 son was determined i was goin to walk to nursey with the dam thing on!! so i did!! lol well i tell u, what funny looks i got with this bit o cardboard on my head with it all decorated in crepe paper and little chicks!! i looked like a rite idiot but the things u do for the kids!! lol not that i should worry the whole nursey think im a bit wacky already, and u no what its true but at least its entertaining lol
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i dont know Posted on Fri, Mar 31, 2006 07:28
how is it that when u go shopping u just wanna go in and get out!! but whenever u go u always bump into someone who will not shut up!!! every time i get peace to go shopping their always there!! just my bad luck lol