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KNOW WHAT YOU WANT AND NEED Posted on Thu, Mar 30, 2006 09:03
I see more and more people on these dating sites searching for a mate/lover/companion and they do not know who they are or what they want....their just lonely. If you are not interesting to yourself, you will never be interesting to someone else. If they are only attracted to your external physical appearance and not the inner you, your personality and your own personal charisma,your idealism and ethics, your basic nature they do not even know who you are....the relationship will never last. I advise each of you TO THINK....about who you are....what makes you who you are....what are the issues in life you will not comprimise on. What are the things that truly make up who you are. As Nitsche said...."an unexamined life is a wasted life"....Make sure you life stands for something or it won't stand for anything. Decipher in your own mind what is really important to you and what you truly seek in a partner....then state it as such. You are more than likely to be happier when you do. For true beauty and substance come from within...and the external appeal of appearance is fleeting at best.
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