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My 1yr old nephew is the cutest person ever. But what makes him so cute to me is that he LIVES for making people smile. That IS his job in his young life! He spends all his time making us all smile and laugh. All his energy goes into it. He reminds me of me when I was little. I loved to entertain. Weather it was silly jokes, a play, a magic show, or just a goofy face I loved it. I hope he keeps this enjoyment of making others happy. I hope it doesn't ware thin like his big uncle Mike lol. I pry that life will be good to him and that karma shines on him in all that he does.

We rock at dawn on the front line like a bolt right out of the blue! The sky's alight with the guitar bite, heads will roll and rock tonight!! For those about to rock, we salute you!!! \m/ ~____~ \m/

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