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OK i think this will be my last entry for today if you are asking to yourself " should  i get a premium account  to know more people" well its depends for what are planning or what motive do you want to become premium, honestly for me its was curiosity to know who enter my profile and for make the first contact you can say.


the pro of being premium well you can see who visit you profile send emails the most useful is that you can see if you are interest in someone their last login and other stuff that you see in the site also you can become shinny when they search for users (  uhh fancy) doesnt work how should be


the con well the idea of sending emails its that the other person reply right, not always happend and maybe you ask your self why do i spend 30 dollars in this site when i can spend in something else


well its always depends of you, i give the pros and the con its up to you if you want it or not its your money after all


also becoming premium attracts scammers so be careful if you want to know how to protect yourself check the others post


well see you soon



When the lives with you lemons make orange juice its much better =) if you like post a comment also if you dont like post a comment =D

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