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Anyone from El Paso actually on this thing??? Looking to go out and have some fun around here. Tired of the same old bar scene. Want to try the batting cages? The range? I just got a new .45 that I havent even had a chance to break in yet. Want to try something crazy? Lol, I havent been to a strip club in ages-used to go with an ex, it was hilarious fun. Are you a movie whore like I am? Love catching the movies in the theater. Like to cook or love great home made cooking? I love to cook but have no one to cook for! Just want to hang out on the couch and watch a movie and relax? I'm down for that too. I really am low maintenance, just get lonely alone here for the most part. I miss home. No, Im not military but I know what its like to be lonely and homesick alot so I can relate. What have you done in El Paso that you enjoyed?

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