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From the mind of a married man Posted on Mar 30, 2009 at 01:02 PM

I sense the frustration many of you Singles have in finding and developing relationships with the opposite sex, and empathize with everyone (man or woman, large or lean) who struggles with this herculean challenge.  I know, both by experience and observation, that it's often a hard and lonely road littered with rejection, frustration, disappointment, and chronic pessimism.  


Of course, the irony is that relationships aren't always the better solution.  Indeed, relationships simply introduce a whole new slate of problems into the mix.  And to top it off, the intimacy and sex isn't necessarily better, or even more frequent. 


In many ways, just like you Singles, we Marrieds all just paste on our smile and try to make it to the next day too.  We deal with our problems, and find joy in whatever successes we can harvest.  And like you, we are all open to meeting new friends in whatever way possible -- anyone who might inject some interest, humor, understanding, and yes even mild hints of eroticism into our daily lives. 


Look around.  We stand next to you at Starbucks. We wait in line with you at the grocery store. We sit at the table next to you at restaurants.  We are not evil.  We are not perverted.  We are not even bad people.  Like most of you, we are simply complex and troubled.


I know that many of you Singles were once Marrieds, so I can see plenty of nodding heads out there in the crowd.  So I guess the question is this: which is more maddening -- frustratingly Single, or frustratingly Married.